Good Behavior: More Wine? [CLIP] | TNT

More wine, Javier? No, thank you.
No more wine. I’ll have some. Well, you’re drinking
those wine coolers. Yeah, well, I want
normal wine now. Well, you don’t have
a glass. [ Scoffs ] Never mind. Are you okay, Rob? Yeah, sorry. It’s — It’s my dick. I asked you not to talk about
that in front of strangers. My dick implant?
How can I not talk about it. I mean, you’d talk about it,
right? Maybe. See. Plus Jav’s
not a stranger. You see,
what they do is… Why don’t you two go out
in front and have a beer? ‘Cause we’re out of beer,
remember? It’s pretty simple,
actually — Oh, my God, Rob. The point is, go somewhere
that’s not this room. I can show you
my Rob’s Grasshoppers app. Great. [ Sighs ] He’s all right. Thanks. I’m happy for you. [ Scoffs ] But I’ve been happy for you


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