“Good Wine” for Beginners

Rebecca P.: Have you ever wondered what makes
a wine good? Why is one wine considered better than another,
and why does this one cost 10 bucks? And this one costs 75? Rebecca P.: I’m Rebecca Rose Phillips, certified
wino and official taco advocate. In this video, I’m going to give you three
easy ways to tell if your wine is good. Rebecca P.: All right, winos, don’t forget
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week. Rebecca P.: Taste is subjective, but quality,
not so much. You might like the taste of a cheap wine,
and that’s totally okay. I mean, hey, it’s better for your wallet,
but if you want to be sure that your wine is quality, then there are a few things you’re
going to need to understand. Rebecca P.: The first thing to consider is
the taste and smell of your wine. A quality wine will have depth, dimension,
and complexity. The taste, the flavors, the aromas, they’re
all going to be layered, and that glass is just going to keep luring you back for more. You know when you just can’t get your nose
out of the glass because every time you come back to it you’re discovering something new? Rebecca P.: The other component of taste is
the finish. A quality wine is going to have a nice long
finish, meaning all those layered flavors are going to stick around on your palette
even after you swallow the wine. Rebecca P.: The next thing we want to look
at is balance. There are five basic characteristics in wine,
acidity, sweetness, tannin, body, and alcohol. When a wine is a good quality, all of these
characteristics are going to integrate together to bring that wine balance. Rebecca P.: The next thing to consider is,
how is your wine produced? We have handcrafted wines, and we also have
mass produced ones. Handcrafted wine is going to be made in a
smaller batch. The grapes were probably hand harvested and
there’s just a little bit more special attention paid to it. This affects the quality of the wine and also
the price. Then, on the other hand, we’ve got mass produced
wines. These are going to be machine harvested. They’re going to be made in a much bigger
batch. So we’re literally comparing quality to quantity. Rebecca P.: There you have it: taste, balance
and production. Three easy ways for you to tell if the wine
in your glass is quality or just fancy branding. If you want to see me put these tips to the
test, watch my video where I compare a $10 bottle to a $40 bottle. Rebecca P.: Here’s where I want to hear from
you. Do you have a cheap wine that you swear by,
maybe a little secret, guilty pleasure, or have you ever splurged on a really expensive
wine, and what did you think? Is it worth the price? Let me know in the comments below. Rebecca P.: If you liked this video, please
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