Gourmet On The Road Update|Fava Bistro |Koramangala Bangalore |Mediterranean Lunch |Upcoming Episode

Hey folks. Hope you’re doing well. This GOTR or Gourmet On The Road update is a slightly different one. I’m not exploring a destination. I’m not exploring a restaurant that’s been around… … since the turn of the century. I’m not really exploring something very traditional. But, in this episode of Gourmet On The Road… … I’m going share a sneak peek into… … a typical lunch when I’m not shooting a Gourmet On The Road episode. When I say a typical lunch , this is not… …this is a lunch that I do once or twice in a month… …at one of my favourite restaurants here in namma Bengaluru, in Koramangala very close to my office. And this restaurant is called Fava Bistro. So typically we’re shooting most days or we’re on the editing board or we’re travelling. But there are those days where I have some time. I wanna just get away from the office… … and enjoy a lunch maybe for half an hour, 45 minutes or an hour. And I find Fava Bistro to be the perfect place to get away to. When I’m not shooting an episode of
Gourmet On The Road… … I’m usually looking for something that is light… … something that is wholesome. I’m looking for a meal that is well-balanced. There are days when I feel like eating something light There are days when I feel like I need to eat something a little more substantial. And I find that the menu at Fava Bistro has something… … to offer whatever my mood desires at that point in time. So if I want a Caesar Salad, they’ve got a
nice Caesar salad. Sometimes, they have these fruity twists to the salad. The one that I tasted today certainly had.
It had some mango. Fava Bistro, afterall, is a Mediterranean restaurant.There are some great mezzes here. And if I want to eat a substantial wrap,
they’ve got that too. Or if I just wanna eat a grilled piece of meat that’s there too. Or if I want something… … really loaded like a hamburger, they have that option as well. But today also happens to be my last meal here at Fava Bistro, which is why I wanted to share it with you. You know, this place serves great food. It’s got great ambiance. It’s got a great vibe. It’s got great service. But sometimes… … even all that is not enough to sustain a restaurant. And so, unfortunately, Fava Bistro will close doors in the next few days. It probably would have already closed doors by the time you see this update. Such is the life of a restaurant. Such are the challenges that restauranteurs face So before Fava Bistro draws its final curtain… …I just thought I must have one last lunch here at Fava Bistro and share it with all of you out there. Of course, Fava Bistro has its parent restaurant Fava… … at UB City Bengaluru which continues to operate. So lookout for this episode of my lunch at Fava Bistro And until the next time I see you… … stay safe and happy eating!


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