Grand Cru – 3 Generations of Wine

Hi my name is Vince Salpietro. I’m the third-generation responsible for our family business. It was started by my grandfather in 1974 and was really driven and developed through the eighties and nineties by my father, Charlie. Today we’re the oldest family-owned wine store in Western Australia – something I’m immensely proud of. I have literally grown up in the family business. My earliest memories are filling the wine shelves in the shop every Saturday afternoon. Things have come some way since those early days, and aside from our general retail operations, a cornerstone of our business today is our online private wine club, of which membership includes invitations to all our wine cellar events and exclusive access to special release and limited wines before the general public. Talking about our cellar, it regularly plays host to board meetings and corporate events, private wine dinners, heads of states, prime ministers, and even the occasional rock band. We also curate the private wine collections of many of Perth’s business elite – procuring and sourcing wine from all over the world. We introduced customer wine storage to our business a number of years ago, which has quickly grown to be some 3,000 dozen and counting. And the newest addition to our group strategy is bespoke wine tourism and wine education for company executives. I think I prefer the days of filling shelves on Saturday afternoon. While it’s a very different business today to what was 40 years ago the competition and predatory behavior of certain multinational retailers keeps us well on our toes. However, our values and principles by which we conduct our family business have not changed or wavered. Engaging service, integrity in everything we do, and value for money above all else. It’s just so easy these days with all the clever marketing and spin, price guarantees and fuel vouchers to be sold a label that often has no relation to value. In an average week our team here at Grand Cru will taste 80 wines and reject 70 of them. We spend countless hours sourcing wine from all over Australia and Europe to be able to sell wines that over-deliver and a great value for money. That’s what Ground Cru’s all about.

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