Harker Heights kicks off Food, Wine & Brew Fest

As we make our way into the weekend, I love food, I love wine, I love brew, I love a good time, so do you? I know, it’s all here in one. It’s all here in one. The Harker Heights, thank you very much, Food and Wine & Brew Fest, takes place coming up this weekend. Check it out. Today I’m in one of my favorite places in all of Texas, right here at H-E-B., but I’m here for a reason. Joining me now is Tamara, from H-E-B., and it’s all about the Food, Wine & Brew Fest, all happening in Harker Heights. That’s right. Today we’re here, and we wanna show you a little bit of what we’re gonna have in our tent within the Food and Wine Festival. ‘Cause you guys are a presenting sponsor for this at festival. We are. This is our third year to be the presenting sponsor. We’ve been a big sponsor of the festival for many years, but this is a great opportunity for us to show off some of our food offerings. I love it, and of course, we’re right in front of True Texas BBQ. It’s just one of the main staples of food that’s gonna be out there. That’s right. We serve all natural meats here, that means no antibiotics, no hormones, preservative-free, and we’re gonna have them out there at the festival. We’ll have smoked turkey, brisket, potato salad, and brisket beans. Okay, tell me about this Texas wine. We have quite a bit of specialty wines that you can only buy here at H-E-B, and so I’m gonna show ’em to you. One of them is Artwork, and that’s a sweet wine. We also have margarita flavors with Rancho Santa Margarita. I think we should go check ’em out. Hold that thought. Okay, this is our first stop. What is this? We have our margaritas here. This is strawberry. Okay. Lime. I can do that. And mango. I’ll take some of that, as well. All right, let’s go. This is one of the wines they’ll have featured, it’s called Artwork. What’s up with this? That’s right, it’s a rose, so it’s a little on the sweet side, and you wanna serve it chilled. (imitating can opening) I’m kidding. Let’s take it. Let’s go. And our final stop is what? We gotta sweet, red wine here. It’s called Porch Swing, and it’s a sweet, red reserve. You know what happens on porch swings? No. You fall asleep is what you do. No, I’d love it. We’ll take that with us, too. Well, the t-shirt says it all. It’s all about the Harker Heights Food and Wine & Brew Fest, all happening here in Harker Heights. I’m at the Chamber of Commerce. This is the place to go. If you wanna know what’s going on in Harker Heights, this is it. You got it. Come on by. Not only are we hosting a signature event next Saturday, September 14th, but come on by the Chamber and visit us. We’ve got lots of information about our community, and what there is to see and do here. We were just chatting before this segment, and I said, “Now what’s the population of Harker Heights?” And you told me? 32,000. And it’s only built to hold so many people, so once you’re here, you’re here. Right, we’re here, we wanna keep you here. That’s why we’re always creating exciting things. Let’s talk about this event and what people can expect from a food and a wine, and a whole brew aspect. Obviously, Texas wineries, Texas craft beer, and a lot of culinary. We’ve got signature chefs that will be here offering their taste of delights, and tons of vendors, art. We’ve got Battle of the Bands. Let’s talk about the art a part of this festival. We’re gonna have some live art going on at the festival. We’ve got glass blowing. We’ve got a chainsaw, log carver, which is pretty awesome. Then we have stone carvers, as well, and several other artists that are gonna be doing live demos of their product, as well. We’ve got over 20 vendors of nothing but art, so we’re excited to bring that to the festival, and to Harker Heights. And of course the barbecue is really good, and H-E-B’s been a great partner for all this. Absolutely, they are our presenting sponsor for the Harker Heights Food, Wine & Brew Fest, so we were honored. Boy, you talk about bringing the flavor, they definitely upscale it. Yes, they do. Do you suggest getting tickets in advance? Does this sell out? There’s a chance that you will get denied at the door? Absolutely. Get your tickets, early bird tickets, that discount. Go to H-E-B, they can get it for you right at the cash register, or go to hhfoodandwine.com to get ’em online. Absolutely. And as central Texas grows, if you’re new to the area, kinda like me, there’s a great resource to come by and check all throughout the year, you guys have events, and you can just get all the information you want. Absolutely. Visit it at hhchamber.com It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? It’s five o’clock here in north Texas. Here’s two glasses. (laughs) I think we need to go to break. All right, give us that website one more time, for more information. hhfoodandwine to get your tickets. There you go. Until then, I’ll send it back to the studio. (swoosh) Yeah, tough assignment there. Oh, I know. It’s a rough life. It’s a good way to get to know people in your community, and make new friends, everything. I love festivals like that.

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