Hello from Denbies Wine Estate in England

Hey everybody! how you doing? I am south of London right now in the English countryside, at a winery – check that out. Yes that’s right, English wine. Everybody thinks beer when they think of England, but now they’re making wine too. As a matter of fact this place here that we’re at today… Denbies Winery, has been making it for about 30 years. It is some really delicious stuff! I tried to shoot a live video, but the connection here, understandably not very good. So I thought I’d just check in with you real quick and say hi — show you that they’re making some beautiful wines here. See that all behind me? 265 acres of winery! So stay tuned until we get back. I’ll be sure to share it all with you in my full length videos. Michelle says “Hi,” by the way. We gotta get back and catch train now! Thanks so much for checking in and following us along as we go through England.. love you guys, bye. Cheers!


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