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– This is How To Drink, the show about making cocktails
and how to drink them. I’m Greg, and I have never
been a professional bartender. I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about
precision and technique, because at the end of the day, if the drink you like is in the glass, you did it right. Let’s get going. Today we’re partnered up with Luxardo to bring to you a Hemingway daiquiri, my favorite style of daiquiri. It’s a little bit drier,
a little less sweet. It’s got some grapefruit
in there, some Maraschino. What it isn’t is a thing in
a big, tall hurricane glass that is served from a blender,
made with strawberries. Not a blended frozen daiquiri, but an old-school daiquiri, made even better by Ernest Hemingway, author of the Old Man and the Sea. Boy, he’s a depressing author. A Farewell to Arms, have you read that? (whispering) Oh my God. Oh, that book, what a downer. Well, let’s have a drink,
and forget all about that. So, the story goes that
Ernest Hemingway had diabetes, and so wanted to come up
with a less sweet version of his favorite drink, the daiquiri. And as a result, he turned to Maraschino. So we’re gonna start up here with a quarter ounce pour of Maraschino. A little bit goes quite a
long way in almost any drink. I need a quarter ounce
of grapefruit juice. Okay, so a quarter ounce
of grapefruit juice. And in that goes. Now I need three quarters
of an ounce of lime juice. And this lime is dry. This is only a quarter ounce of a lime. It’s not it’s fault. You know, it’s not every
lime is up to the job, you know what I mean? Three quarters of an ounce
of lime juice in my tin. Oh, thank you, mysterious hand. This orange got away. We have a mysterious hand under the table. And we’ve need a white rhum
agricole, from Martinique. There’s a misnomer that
white rum is white because it’s un-aged or something like that. But that’s not true. It’s actually, typically it’s aged and then filtered for clarity. It’s strictly an appearance issue. Much like adding blue curacao to a drink, which is just curacao dyed blue. If you prefer a darker rum, if
you have a rum of preference, you should definitely use that rum. I’m gonna pour in two ounces. Our drink is built. We need to shake this thing and serve it so we can it into our bodies. So we’re gonna crack some
ice into our big tin. I’m not very good at this. I recently had a question
online about how to do, and I said, edit out you
looking like an idiot. I’m gonna serve this
drink in my favorite cup. I suggest you serve it
in your favorite cup. Hey, this drink doesn’t
always call for a garnish, but if I was gonna garnish
it, maybe a lime wheel would be the way to go. There you go, that looks
like a right drink. And there we have it, a Hemingway daiquiri made with Luxardo’s Maraschino. Let’s see how we did. Mmm. Smells so good. Oh my God. It tastes like a farmer’s market. That’s incredible. That is the freshest tasting, I mean, it like… The smell is fresh-cut grass, nature… It’s just fresh. I don’t know what else to describe it as, other than fresh. It just smells awesome. Mmm. That is a clean, crisp, delicious daiquiri. That’s what it is. A very sophisticated, very good daiquiri. For me personally, my tastes,
this is my daiquiri of choice. Thank you so much for watching the show. It’s been… It’s a lot of fun making drinks for you. We’re doing all these tiki drinks. They are very high proof,
and I have to drink them all. And I hope you subscribe
if you like the show. And you know, tell some
people that it’s a good show, and they should watch it, too. We’ve been presented to you, very graciously by Luxardo
and Anchor Distilling. See you guys next week with another drink. I’m gonna, I’m gonna finish this guy up, and then I’m gonna take a nap.


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