How BIG is a Balthazar? Guide to Wine Bottle Sizes & Their Names

What is Balthazar bottle of wine? How big
is a Balthazar bottle of wine? Well, first off… you have to know that Balthazar is a
biblical figure one of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts as Jesus’ Nativity,
one of the three wise men they were butters are Melchior and Gaspar I
believe. Balthazar and Melchior are both wine bottle sizes super-sized wine
bottles of wine so how big is these bottles are well let me spoil it for you
it is very very big so if you followed my guide to the wine bottle sizes you
already know that a magnum is twice the size of a normal standard 750 ml bottle
of Y and that’s already rather big I’m sure you’ve seen a magnum somewhere
hanging around, well, a Balthazar is 8 times bigger than a magnum! and that’s 16
times bigger than a bottle of wine! So a Balthazar contains the equivalent of
16 bottles of wine knowing that a bottle of wine can pour about five glasses of
standard drinking pouring size 150 mls glasses of wine I’ll let you calculate
how many glasses contains a Balthazar… what is a Balthazar? How big it is? Well
it is essentially a twelve liter bottle of wine, a bottle one containing 12
liters of wine! A Balthazar is indeed pretty pretty big, its yep just a little
bit smaller than the Nebuchadnezzar which contains 15 liters of wine. I made
a video about Nebuchadnezzar and all the different bottle sizes, the large format
bottle sizes. I’ll let you check out my guide to all the different wine bottle
sizes. It’s a fascinating world this world of wine we live in… I’ll let you to
it. I hope you do have a Balthazar at home in you know you send me an invite
in the comments below and I’ll come and share it with you perhaps if it’s a nice
wine… I’ll leave you to it and I will see you soon in the word of a world of wine…
Give this video a quick thumbs up if it was useful and I will see you soon in
the wonderful world of vino… Au revoir!
bye bye…

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