How Does Red Wine Affect Aging? | Healthy Food

Red wine is one of the most fabulous things
that human culture has invented and now we’re seeing some benefits when it comes to anti-aging,
cardio vascular health, but you want to keep a few things in mind. The component in red wine people are so excited
about is Resveratrol and that is a component found in the skins of grapes so you can actually
get the benefits of Resveratrol from 100% grape fruit juice or just eating grapes. Resveratrol does help protect the body against
cancer and it’s one of those anti-aging drugs that help keep our skin looking good and helps
our cardio vascular system stay healthy. But, you may want to avoid alcohol if you
have any underlying yeast or sugar conditions. If you’re pre-diabetic, insulin-resistant
or have type two diabetes, you may need to stay away from alcohol. Resveratrol is found in those red grapes,
blueberries and cranberries but not so much in the rose or the white wine grape, so you’re
really going to only see benefits in consuming products made from those red or purple grapes.

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