How To Assemble A Wine Rack – DIY At Bunnings

I’m gonna show you how to assemble a wine
rack. Wine racks can add to the decor of your home. It is also a great place to keep your
fine collection. The tools that are required for the job are my square, my pencil, my screwdriver,
my drill, and my level. In each pack there is instructions. It is
important to follow instructions at all times. Now I’ll screw my shelf in using my 50 mil
screws and a little [inaudible 00:00:28] to keep your back down plate first so it gets
it to the right height. Follow the same process for the next five shelves. Always keep in
mind that the white edge go to the top. Now to finish putting the shelves in, I’ll flip
it over and put the other side panel on. Now that my side panels are screwed on, I can
now put the back on. If you’re gonna use this wine rack as a base
cabinet, you will need to attach the adjustable feet. Using the measurements in your instructions,
I will now set out where these feet are supposed to go. Using my square, I will draw a line
to show where that goes. An easy way to attach these to the bottom of the cabinet is just
to use the base plate and make sure that the tapered edges are facing out. Now I’ll pre-drill
my holes. Now that I’ve pre-drilled my holes, I’ll now screw them down with my 28 mil screws. Now that I finished screwing my plates down,
I can put the rest of the legs together and set it using my square at 145 millimeters,
The 145 millimeters is the height of the kickboard, done. And that’s how you assemble a wine rack.

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