How to Build a DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch — by Home Repair Tutor

Learning how to build a DIY wine bottle Tiki
torch is pretty easy and straightforward. I bet you, though, that you can do it better
than I can. So check out some of my tips in this video. And before you know it, you’ll
have this bad boy built in probably about half an hour. Let’s get to it.
Here are all the supplies that you’re going to need. Tiki fuel, wine bottle, beer bottle,
sand, replacement wick, scissors, bronze flange, and funnel. As you can see, this is the bronze
flange that I’m using. It’s specific size for the wine bottle, and I do recommend that
you take the wine bottle with you to the store. I know it looks weird, but that way you’ll
know the flange will fit inside the bottle. Because as you can see here, I have a beer
bottle that I can make a DIY beer bottle Tiki torch out of, but the flange doesn’t fit
inside of it, which kind of stinks. So anyhow, take that bronze flange. Wrap about
10 to 12 revolutions around it with the Teflon tape. Tear off the tape with your hand, and
there you go. You have a flange with a nice seal with the top of the wine bottle. But
don’t put the flange in just yet because what we’re going to do is fill up the wine
bottle with some sand. This will weight down the wine bottle and prevent it from being
blown away by the wind. You can do the exact same thing with the beer bottle, too.
Take the same funnel, put it in your wine bottle, and fill up the bottle with Tiki fuel,
which will also repel mosquitoes. You can find these Tiki torch wick replacements in
the garden section of any home store. Feed the wick up through the bronze flange. Plop
the flange down into the [wine] bottle. Seal it tight with the top of the bottle. Cut the
wick to about 1 inch above the flange, and all you have to do now is let it absorb for
about 10 to 15 minutes and light the wick. Over time, I wanted to show you the sand does
settle, and the Tiki fuel looks clear. Now you’ve got an awesome looking conversation
piece. All right, well there you go. That’s how
you build either a DIY wine bottle Tiki torch or DIY beer bottle Tiki torch. All the tips
and tricks are the same for either or, and you can put it on your tabletop without it
blowing over. So it’s pretty sweet. All right, I hope that you liked this video.
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see you in the next video.


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