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Hello and welcome to Drinks Tube, my name’s Jimmy Smith and i’m a wine educator. I really believe you don’t have to spend too much money
on getting a great bottle of wine. So this is my beginners guide at getting that great
bottle of wine on a budget and i’m going to show you it in three steps: Where to buy it,
what to buy and also how, very importantly, to serve it Go to your local wine merchants,
they are run by passionate, knowledgeable people. There really is a wine for everybody.
There is inexpensive all the way up to expensive. Great thing about coming to places like this,
is that you can taste before you buy. Important, because if you come to wine shop like this,
you may be intimated and they may be talking about acidity this, tannin that, body this.
But if you taste before you buy, you might not actually find if that is the wine for you. Wonderful. The wines from Spain and Portugal are wonderful, wonderful value for money because they’re generally lower yields, their grapes get a little bit more concentrated and you
tend to get much more richer complex wines, even at the lower price points. Search out
things like old vines on the label and the older the vines, the less fruit they produce
and the more concentrated the final wines. So you can get really tasty stuff, at the
affordable price point. What’s the best things to do when you get home to maximum enjoyment from your wine. There is a little thing we call decanting, some people are a little bit
intimidated by this but it actually is a very simple thing. You put the wine into a decanter
so it aerates it. So it gets more air into it, more oxygen gets to it and it makes it
breath, and it makes the wine taste better! So it maximizes our enjoyment. The wine glass
makes the difference, it really does. For a red wine, we use a larger glass, the red
wine has a lot of flavour compounds in a bigger glass you are able to swirl it around more,
it unlocks the flavours in that wine and when you stick your nose in it. Uh, it’s wonderful,
and when you taste it there’ll be more intensity. Wonderful. White wines, we should really serve
white wines in slightly smaller glasses and that’s because the aromas acutally need to
be kept within that glass, so when you stick your nose in… you get more from it, and
that smells wonderful, give it a quick taste. Lovely, fresh and that’s because of this slinky,
smaller glass. Third up, sparkling wines and sparkling wines have bubbles and those bubbles
need to be kept within the wine. So therefore in a slinkier glass like this, a flute, the
bubbles stay in the glass and that is what a sparkling wine is all about. Nice and fresh,
give it a taste. Wonderful. And it’s got the fizz and that’s all because we’re serving
it in the correct glass. So I want you to go and get your bottle of wine, enjoy it at
home and let me know what you think of it. If you have any questions? Pop em in the comments
below. Remember to subscribe to Drinks Tube for more fantastic videos every week. Cheers!

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