How to choose a wine you’ll love! (INTERACTIVE VIDEO) | Amelia Singer

Welcome to Drinks Tube, my name’s Amelia and
I love wine. I love experimenting and trying new wines, but it is so easy to stick to your
usual favourites. However what i’m hoping to show you today is that wine is a very personal
thing as taste is so subjective and so I’ll be giving you some helpful tips on trying
new varieties, new wines, new styles based on flavours that you love in everyday life.
So i’m going to go through all these flavours, but this is not a food and wine pairing. This
is, finding out wines which you could really enjoy based on flavours that you love. But
if you want to just click on the flavour that you like and I will recommend you your wine.
If you love sugar it means that you have a sweet palate which actually means your palate
is very very sensitive and turns to sugar to mask the bitterness and alcohol in wine.
Therefore you should try desert wine made from Muscat or sweet Riesling’s. If you like
artificial sweetener it means that you have a very tolerant palate and therefore don’t
pick up on that metallic bitter edge which others can therefore in wines you probably
don’t mind big tannin’s, big flavour, big body, lots of acidity. Why not try Italian
reds, in particular sangiovese. If you love espressos it means you have a very tolerant
palate and therefore you don’t mind your wines being big in alcohol, big in body and big
in tannin’s. Why not try if you’re a white wine drinker Oaked Chardonnay from California,
or if you like red Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. For latte drinkers you have a hyper-sensitive
palate which means that you avoid very intense flavours in wine but have sensitive enough
plate to pick up complexities in wine that others can’t. Therefore you would really love
wines which are traditionally thought of as dry but can actually have sweetness to them
too, such as a ripe juicy Sauvignon Blanc, maybe from Chile. Lemons, if you like lemons
it means that you have a hyper-sensitive palate as the acidity in the lemons actually decreases
the bitterness on our palates. Therefore you like your wines to be smooth, fruity and low
in alcohol, you probably drink Pinot Grigio, but if you want to branch out why not try
Verdicchio from Italy or a New World Merlot. Dark chocolate lovers, you have a very tolerant
palate that loves big flavour and big tannin’s, you should definitely try Malbec and also
Grenache for red or white wine. Creme Brulee, creaminess combined with toasted caramel.
If you like creme brulee, it means that you have a sensitive palate and are therefore
quite an adventurous taster. You love combining flavours as long as they are well balanced.
You should definitely try elegant Pinot Blanc from the Alsas, or an aged Rioja. Olive lovers,
you have sensitive palates, you love earthy, savoury flavours, but also the creamy butteriness
which olives can also bring. Therefore, you love wines that can be big, complex but they
need to be well balanced, for red wine lovers you should definitely try Northern Rhone Syrah
and white wine lovers go for Gruner Veltliner from Austria. Mushrooms have a savoury and
aumami like sense to them which can play havoc on some peoples acidity levels, but not for
the tolerant or the sensitive taster, they love big bold flavours as long as they’re
well balanced, both would love Ripe Bordeaux ‘ and any white blend from the Rhone. Do you
get a kick from Chili? Then you probably have a hyper-sensitive palate and get a euphoric
experience from that endorphin release. You like wines that are fruity, smooth and low
in alcohol and should definitely try Gewurztraminer from either Germany or Alsas. Are you always
adding salt to your food, then it probably means you are very sensitive to bitterness
and therefore would love wines which are fruity but not that overly oaked. Definitely go for
a ripe juicy unoaked Chardonnay or an Old World Pinot Noir. Mmm, my mate Marmite. If
you love marmite, for it’s savoury, salty, tangy, yeasty nature then you should definitely
try some oxidised slightly funky natural wine, maybe some Chardonnay from the Jura or for
a salty tang, why not try a dry Fino Sherry. So, I hope i’ve got you excited and confident
to do away with your traditional wine drinking habits and to get out there and taste some
new exciting wines. If you’d like to see some more wine videos just click here and make
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and of course wine. Cheers. Now where’s that marmite.


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