How to Choose The Best Wines at Any Price

let’s find out In this video you are going to learn about
a new program that gives you the knowledge you need to pick out the wines you really
want to have — the best wines at any price. So let’s start out with why this may be important
to you. Do you remember the last time you went to
a restaurant you had never been to before, and you asked to see the wine list? Were others at your table relying on you to
choose a nice wine? Were you relaxed and confident about exactly
what to pick? Or were you feeling a little anxious? Now suppose you asked your waiter for help,
and the waiter selected a wine for you. Sometimes that can be a bit of a gamble, but
imagine this time the wine turned out to be delicious. Already you are thinking this wine would impress
as a gift, too. So a few days later you go to your neighborhood
wine shop to buy it. And what happens? Well, chances are your neighborhood wine shop doesn’t carry the wine you are looking for. You may be offered a wine they say is similar. But how do they know? Now, if these scenarios sound familiar, what
do you do? Don’t you wish you could just pick the wines
that meet your expectations, that are truly good choices? Wherever you are and whenever that may be? And wouldn’t it be nice if you could share
interesting and informative facts about the wine you are drinking with your family, your
friends, and your dining companions? Hello, I’m Cris Martin, President of Vino
Maestro Ltd. and Renaissance Fine Wines & Spirits in New York City. As an estabished business in Manhattan for
over twelve years We’re constantly looking for ways to deliver
more value to our customers, to be the best we can be, and to solve problems just like
we’ve presented That’s why I’m happy to introduce you to The
Vino Maestro Interactive Wine School. Our program is designed to make your discomfort
with the complexities of the wine world a thing of the past. Now you can step up to a better place, and
it couldn’t be simpler — Here’s how it works: First, there is no need for you to travel
to our classroom. Instead, we bring the instruction directly
to you –in video format. Just relax and enjoy the learning experience,
from your location, on your schedule, not ours. Second, our lessons are based on a proven
system that helps you understand exactly what your instructor is talking about — Along with each video lesson we’ll send you
some wines. And these wines are special. That’s because they are the exact same wines
your instructor will be presenting, tasting, and discussing in your Vino Maestro Wine School
video. You see, by having the same wine as you see
on the screen, you actually get to join the tasting experience simultaneously with your
instructor. Our Lesson Package wines, by the way, are
Premium Quality selections, that typically sell for $30 or more per bottle in restaurants. And just who is your instructor? Well, let’s take a moment to introduce her. Her name is Ellisa Cooper. Ellisa possesses an extensive, almost encyclopedic,
knowledge of all things wine-related. She has studied with The American Sommelier
Association and The Court of Master Sommeliers. She was also a regular guest on the Martha
Stewart Living Radio weekly feature, Winesday. And shes’s got plenty of teaching experience,
too. Ellisa has led over a thousand classes and
tastings for diverse groups – from curious consumers to Fortune 100 companies to wine
professionals. And now she brings all that knowledge and
experience to you. Just consider these benefits when you join
our program — Feel confident about choosing any wine, anytime,
and anywhere you are. Impress your friends, relatives, and colleagues
with your wine expertise. Suffer no worries about wasting money anymore
when you buy wine, because you’ll know just what to choose. Have fun tasting wines as you learn about
them. Invite your friends over, learn together,
and make it a party you can all enjoy. In between lessons, have your questions answered
interactively by our Vino Maestro Wine School staff. Learn like a pro, knowing that Vino Maestro
uses the same wine tasting approach to instruction as the Wine & Spirit Education Trust — one
of the worlds leading wine education providers. And finally, learn on a schedule that’s most
convenient to you — and at your own location. Now let’s go over exactly what you get With each lesson in our series, you are investing
in a custom prepared, professionally hosted wine instruction video. Your lesson package includes at least 2 full-sized
750 ml Premium wines. These wines that are identical to the wines
that your instructor is discussing and tasting in your video lesson. In between classes, our dedicated Wine School
Program staff will provide online assistance to address any wine education questions you
may have. And as a Vino Maestro Wine School member,
you will have complimentary access to our exclusive WineFinder service. The WineFinder concept is simple.When you
can’t find a particular wine, and we don’t sell it, we’ll help you find a store that
does. To sum it all up, the Vino Maestro Interactive
Wine School is designed to be an easy-to-learn system. It’s something that will boost your wine IQ
like you never realized, in a way that just makes uncommonly good sense. Join now and with your first lesson, we’ll
include – at no additional cost — a wine preservation kit to keep your wines fresh
after you open them And how do you get all this value? You can experience your first lesson with
Vino Maestro Wine School program for only $59, plus shipping and tax. The rest is easy. Your educational experience continues uninterrupted
monthly as your membership renews automatically. But remember, there are no open-ended obligations,
and you can opt-out anytime you choose. And if you are still wondering if this is
right for you, you can try out your first lesson Risk-free. If for any reason you are not satisfied, let
us know, and we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase within 30 days – simple as
that. So stop wasting money and risking embarassment
with wine selections that are disappointing. Reward yourself with an educational experience
that will enhance your life. You can start as a member today by clicking
on the add-to-cart button on the bottom of this page. That will lead you to our secure online check
out form, where you can purchase the first lesson package of the Vino Maestro Interactive
Wine School Program.

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