How To Drink Like A Gentleman

Welcome back to the Gentleman’sGazette! In today’s video, we discuss how to drink
and how not to drink like a gentleman. Drinking, and by that, I
mean alcoholic beverages, can be a pleasure, a social expectation or tricky at times because
it may damage your reputation. For example, the office holiday party almost
always produces some gossip because some people to drink too much. The same goes for weddings or business dinners,
you do not want to be the guy that ruins the evening for everyone or be responsible for
not closing the deal. So here’s the thing, ideally, a gentleman
never gets drunk because a gentleman should never lose control of his faculties. Now, that is easier said than done and I certainly
have been drunk before. In particular, there was one instance where
I was about 18 or 19 years old, it was at a party and I drank a lot, I passed out and
I could not remember a thing anymore. But when I talked to my friend the next morning,
he told me that I had puked on his leg. I have never been as embarrassed before and
I never had as much to drink thereafter. So even if you are not wasted, being intoxicated
always has an impact on how you behave and how you are perceived. The truth is, we are never at our best behavior
when intoxicated and the potential of long-term regret outweighs the pleasure of one night
on the town, To top it all off, everyone has a smartphone these days and they take photos
and videos and they may end up getting to your employer, your mom, or to that uncle
who had you in his will. So the main goal of drinking like a gentleman
is to enjoy yourselves while still being civil and in full control of yourself. That being said, here are 8 practical tips
that you can apply when you go out and drink. Most importantly, know your limit. Everyone has different reactions to the amount
of alcohol they drink and it is up to you to know what is acceptable and what is too
much. For you, that may mean one drink an hour,
maybe you can do more, maybe you can do less. Maybe you will always have to eat something
before you drink or maybe you abstain completely. Two, stick with the classics. Most bartenders will be able to mix up a gin
and tonic o an old-fashioned. Moreover, keep in mind, a gentleman drinks
his beverage from a cup or a glass, not from the can or the bottle. Personally, my drink of choice is a Manhattan
which usually consists of a rye whiskey with some vermouth, some bitters, maybe a maraschino
cherry and a little bit of an orange peel or grapefruit peel. I love this go-to drink because I had it many
times before, I know how strong it is, I know how to pace myself. Generally, most whiskeys have about the same
strength unless they are cask strength and because of that, it is best to always order
your specific whiskey. I like to have a Manhattan on the rocks with
crown royal rye whisky. Now, if the bartender does not have that whisky,
ask them what they have and you may come up with something, that is okay. Or you go with something that is very widely
available like a bulleit rye or maybe a woodford reserve or maker’s mark. Of course, you can also go ahead and order
a blue Hawaiian, Pina Colada, or a strawberry daiquiri. The problem is, with those drinks, they contain
a lot of sugar. Also, the recipes are different so the amount
of liquor in them can vary considerably. On top of that, most people don’t associate
a pina colada with a gentleman. That being said, if you are confident and
secure you can drink whatever you want, you don’t have to care about what other people
think of you. Let’s say you’re at the bar and you fancy
one of their craft cocktails, go ahead and order it but then stick with a known entity
thereafter. Let’s say you are at a sports bar at a baseball
game, it is not the time to order a French 75. Instead, you go with the flow and order a
beer. Likewise, if you are at a fine establishment,
it is not the time to order Milwaukee’s best beer or bud light. Four, pace yourself. You are under no obligation to keep up with
how much other people are drinking. Ideally, you can establish your own pace and
one of the best ways to fend off questions for another drink is to simply have your glass
half full. If you don’t want to drink at all, that is
totally fine. You may be on a prescription medication, you
don’t drink for religious reasons, or you just don’t feel like it today. If you still do not want to explain yourself
all the time while you are not drinking, ideally, just order a lime and soda with some ice ideally
in a high ball, that way, it looks like a gin and tonic and nobody will bug you. Five, be immune to peer pressure. Honestly, that is one of the hardest things
for most men. Most people love to drink and enjoy doing
so in company and that may mean that they will bug you consistently and you just have
to be firm and say no multiple times if necessary. There is no need to explain yourself, you
can just say “NO, thanks, I’ve had enough for tonight.”. Simply repeat if required. Six, do not push drinks on other people. You may be really into paying this round of
tequila shots but not everyone might be into that. It’s fine to offer someone else a drink but
if they say no, accept it for what it is, do not tease them, do not ask them again,
or make fun of them. Seven, always treat the restaurant or bar
staff with respect. I know that can be hard if you have been waiting
in line for twenty minutes and you feel someone else has cut in line and gotten served ahead
of you. Keep your composure, wait for the bartender,
try to seek eye contact but do not wave with your money, don’t snap with your fingers because
that is just rude and impolite. Of course, you should also tip well in line
with the social norms in the place you are at. In the US, for example, it is typical to tip
15-20%. In Germany, for example, it is not expected. Last but not the least, keep your hands to
yourself. Drinking will usually relax even the most
guarded person’s view on interpersonal space but getting too close to someone or even touch
them is a clear indicator that you have had way too much to drink. Also a bonus tip, if you go to a bar to have
a drink, don’t sneak in your flask and drink from it. If you want to learn more, when is an appropriate
occasion to use your flask, as well as flask etiquette, and what not to do, please check
out this video here. Also, if you are at a whisky, wine, or beer
tasting, things are a little different. To learn more about the proper procedure and
how to behave, please check out this whisky tasting guide here. In conclusion, drinking like a gentleman means
you should not behave in a way that makes you a pain in the ass to others around you. Very simple, isn’t it? In today’s video, I am wearing an outfit I
would typically wear when I go to a nice bar. It consists of a jacket which is petrol blue
and double breasted which is part of a suit and it is a nice fresco wool combined with
a blue and white shirt and a brown grenadine tie. Because the jacket is somewhat loud, I toned
down the other colors. That includes a boutonniere that is contrasting
but not overly loud as well as a pocket square made out of a handcrafted linen in Xstitch
and it picks up the color of the shirt. my pants are black and off-white houndstooth
that are combined with a pair of shadow striped socks from Fort Belvedere that picks up the
same colors. My penny loafers are dark brown and contrasting
yet harmonious at the bottom end of my outfit and they coordinate with my dark brown grenadine
tie which you can find in our shop here just like all of our other accessories from Fort
Belvedere. Of course, I also keep on my wedding band
and I also wear a pinky ring with a bloodstone. If you enjoyed this video, please give us
a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel and check out our other etiquette videos and I
am sure you will like them as well.

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