How to Find Good Champagne/Sparkling Wine on a Budget

(jazz music) – Hi guys. – Hey. – How are you? – Good. – What are we in the market for today? – We just got engaged last week. – Whoa, congratulations! – Thank you, we went to Hawaii, it was wonderful. So we’re just looking to celebrate with something fancy, fun something that’s us but not overpriced necessarily. Champagne or sparkling — we’re not really sure of the… – So I was gonna ask, um, do you wanna do a true champagne? – Do you wanna tell us a little bit about “true” champagne versus “un-true” champagne? – So a lot of times people ask for champagne but they just mean anything sparkling. So I’ve got some really awesome champagnes that are from Champagne. Champagne is made in a very specific way and made in a very specific place. – Right – So the name is Champagne and the style is known, kind of, around the world as ‘Méthode Champenoise’. So there are other wines from other parts of the world made in that same method ‘Champenoise’, they just don’t happen to be from that area. – Right. – So — – That’s “sparkling wine”. – Essentially you can get champagne quality and champagne style wines without having to sometimes pay those extra champagne prices. So this is really cool, this is made by this really badass female winemaker in Burgundy, so you’re actually really close to Champagne in France. It’s made from a lot of the same grapes that they use in Champagne to make sparkling wine. Really delicious, really awesome, very ‘Champagne’ in style and under $30. – Oh! – So if you guys really wanted to ball on a budget this is the way to go. – Okay. – And you can go treat yourself to a nice dinner as well. – Oh! – So there you go. – This is a vintage sparkling wine from Germany. So this is vintage 1996, so you’ve got over 22 years of age on this bottle right now. – Whoa! – Wow! – and it’s only 70 bucks. It’s a little bit funkier it’s gonna get really ‘bread-y’ really yeasty, kind of earthy so it’s gonna take that freshness of champagne but give it a more savory, funky edge. – Do all of them have a similar level of carbonation? – Yeah, because they’re made in that same method with two fermentations, it’s gonna have a very similar feel as far as bubbles go but texture depends on how it’s made. – And you should drink the whole thing at once? So the fizziness stays and it doesn’t go flat? – It depends on the wine. Sometimes it can hold overnight sometimes it’ll go flat pretty quickly. So you guys drink a fair amount of sparkling wine? Sounds like you like it. – Yeah. – So you’ve had really good champagne a bunch of times. I would try something new. It’s always my — you guys are starting a new chapter of your life, why not start it with something different? – That’s awesome. – Cheers! – Cheers! That sounds great. – Cool, let’s go. – Thank you.


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