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– Hey friends. Is there really a better smell
wafting through your house than that of mulled wine? I’m gonna say, “No,”
because it’s pretty much a Yankee Candle that you
can drink afterwards. I’m about to show you how
to make a really simple and really impressive mulled wine to share at your next holiday party. (happy instrumental music) But first, let’s talk about
the history of mulled wine and how it became
associated with Christmas and the holidays. Mulled wine goes back to the
Ancient Greeks and Romans, who would heat up leftover
wine with spices and fruits to kind of relive the
experience without, you know, having dull, stale wine. We actually have an Ancient Roman recipe called conditum paradoxum,
which uses wine, honey, bay leaves, black pepper,
dates, and saffron. That’s not the recipe I’m
gonna make for you today, but we have it. Mulled wine gained even more
popularity in the Middle Ages, when the water wasn’t
particularly safe to drink, and the spices used were thought
to bring health benefits. Fast-forward to 1843, when
Charles Dickens put mulled wine in his classic novel, “A Christmas Carol,” which made mulled wine the
official drink of the holidays. Which brings us back
to today, to right now, on this very show, which you should really consider subscribing to where we’re going to be making mulled wine. And the good thing about mulled
wine is that it’s so simple. It’s fully customizable. You don’t even have to use
the fruits that I’m using. These are just what I like. So, we’re gonna start
with some sliced orange. Slice off that part. Don’t need that. Slice it in some nice rings. You can put these little
nubs in your wine as well, they’re just not as pretty, or you can just like
squeeze it into your mouth. I won’t judge you. Now, we’re gonna move on to kumquats. These are so adorable. They’re a little sweet, a little sour, and because they’re so
small, you can eat the rind. I’m gonna do about six to eight of them. Now we’re gonna move on to apple. I like these small
apples for this purpose. They’re just adorable. Since they’re so small,
I may use two of these, but if do you use a regular
apple, I would just use one. I’m cutting through
the apple core and all, just because a slice
like this is so pretty. So, all that remains is
just scooping and pouring, so let’s get started. You can use any wine
that you have leftover, preferably a dry red
would be great for this. White wines do not work well for mulled. (wine pouring) I’m doing two, two full bottles in here. We’re feedin’ a crowd. Okay. So now what we do is
just put things in here. I’m turning my burner on to medium, just so I’m not like
vigorously boiling my wine. At this point, we’ll put
in whatever sweetener we’re gonna add. Now I’m adding honey. This is about two thirds
to three quarters of a cup for two bottles of wine. You can use white sugar. You can use maple syrup,
can use brown sugar. (whisking) So, I’m gonna whisk this
up, start to melt that honey and really dissolve it into the wine. And, I mean, that’s like it for that. I’m gonna add a little
bit of brandy to this. It just kind of adds to that warmth and that overall coziness. For these two bottles of wine, I’m gonna use about a
third to a half a cup. Now, let’s add the fruit. Let’s go with our apple. Blip, bloop, plop. And then we’ll add the kumquats. Shoo be doop. And then our orange slices. Plump, ploop. Let’s continue with some cranberries. And you can use fresh or frozen for this. A little bit of pomegranate seeds. And now we’ll add our spices. Cinnamon always, because
cinnamon’s my favorite. And now we’ll add some star anise. And look at how beautiful they are. These are gonna look awesome,
and they add a little bit of a fennel kinda flavor,
a little licorice. This isn’t a black licorice, this is more like a really refined Twizzlers licorice. So, we’re gonna let this
simmer on like a medium heat. It’s gonna be a low simmer because we don’t want to
destroy our beautiful fruit. This is smelling amazing. I think I’m gonna pour myself a glass. It’s been in here long enough. Looks like I’m gettin’
a lot of fruit here. So, I’m gonna get, try to
get as much wine as I can. There we go. Let me know in the comments what you like to put in your mulled
wine, whether spices, whether fruits, I’d love to know. Until next time, cheers.

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