How To Make Elegant Gift Baskets : How To Wrap Wine For a Gift Basket

Hi, I’m Rachel Fish from Incredible Eatables
for Expert Village. So now we are going to take our bottle of wine and wrap it so it
just does not look like a plain bottle of wine here inside. We are going to make it
a little bit more fancy. Okay! We have a few options over here I would show you just a
few different little cute things that we can do to just make look a little bit nicer. We
take a ribbon and just tie it like this, just like you are tying a shoe just a regular bow.
And tie it just something to add a little bit of taste, a little bit of elegance that
is one option, it makes just a little bit more of a impression. Okay and then when you
are putting it in it doesn’t only look like a bottle of wine it looks like there is something
to it. A second option that we have is to take a wine bag we have a few different types
of wine bags this is a wine bag also it is made of material. It has a design on it, it
looks very pretty you just simply take your wine, you put it inside the wine bag, then
you close it up a little bit like this, take it, you put it in. This is not what we are
going to be using today because it kind of blends in a little too much with the material
that is already in here and that you can hardly see the bottle of wine that is here. So today
we are going to use is one of these wine bags which are also very simple to use, they are
very elegant. Again I’m not going to use the gold color because if you see the gold sort
of blends in a little bit too much. We have a very pretty maroon color here though that
we can use. You simply take your bottle of wine, you stick it in and then on either side
there is these little pull strings. So you take it, you pull it on both sides to make
tight and take the ruffles and make sure they are laying the rest of them too. It is very
simple to work with, there is little wires in here so if it is not exactly the way that
you want it you can just move it around. Then if you want to secure it you just make a little
bit of a knot and you can see it is tied to a knot. Tie the other side as well and the
advantage as this as oppose to this wine bag as this is not see through. You can’t see
through, you don’t know what kind of bottle of wine that you are getting even if I had
the appropriate color, even though this also comes in a maroon color but still you can
not see through it. This you can see whoever is getting it you can see straight through
the bottle of wine looks very pretty, it makes for a certain elegance and we lay it over
here next to our dry fruit. There we have the bottle of wine.

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