How to make Herb and Garlic Roasted Pork Loin with Baby Potatoes and Carrot

Thanks so much for coming through today
I’m Chef Billy Parisi from the holidays are upon us so I’m
gonna teach you how to make up an amazing roasted pork loin with a
rosemary and thyme chimichurri we’re gonna serve it up with some roasted
vegetables and I’m doing it in partnership with my friends over at GoodCook. No matter what recipe I’m making it all starts with prep. It’s also known in
French as mise en place or “everything in its place.”
There’s nothing worse than starting to cook and realizing, oh no, I don’t have
this prepped up or this peeled or this cut. We got to do this first so that the
cooking process is seamless. So we’re gonna start off with this chimichurri
sauce go ahead and start by running some garlic cloves through a GoodCook garlic
press. I cut enough garlic in my life this simplifies the process. Incredibly
easy to use and now on to the fresh herbs we’ve got some parsley rosemary
and thyme but to start off with the parsley we need to finely mince it up
and thank goodness for the GoodCook rolling herb mincer since we need so
much finely minced herbs this will help the process and save so much time it’s
got a great soft grip handle five blades all you simply do is roll it back and
forth it will finally mince the herbs for you to that perfect sort of garnish
like consistency. Go ahead and add it to the bowl along with the garlic and then
just simply do the exact same thing with some fresh rosemary and thyme likewise
add it to that bowl we’re next going to hit it with some red wine vinegar a
little bit of olive oil season it with salt and pepper and then using a spoon
simply combine everything together until it is incorporated and set it to the
side now we’ve got some beautiful pork loins this was one large one so I slice
it in half so that will fit on the rack and cook a little bit quicker what we
want to do is hit it with a little bit of olive oil this is gonna help brown it
up and then season it on all sides and I mean all sides with a little bit of salt
and fresh cracked black pepper now we need to transfer these seasoned up pork
loins into a pan and I’m going to be using the GoodCook quick baste roaster
it’s got this amazing V shape to it with grooves in the center what this does is
it separates the pan drippings and pushes it to the outside of the pan so
that’s easy to get all that juice and baste your meat with this is a genius
design love this no matter if it’s a ribeye roast, a beef tenderloin, this
pork loin or even a turkey this is the perfect pan when it comes to
needing those extra drippings for basting. Now what I’m gonna do is add on
just a little bit of that chimichurri sauce just give it a little spread just
to slightly cover the top of it next pour in a little bit of beef stock this
will help get those drippings going into the pan and now we’re going in the oven
on 400 degrees from between 30 and 35 minutes. The first part is just to cook
the pork halfway through get it nice and brown and then after that time what we
want to do is open up the door and simply baste it up all around the top of
that pork and the GoodCook silicone baster is perfect for this
it’s dripless it’s got a soft bulb that’s flat so that it will stay upright
on your countertop and gets all the juices and evenly distributes it it’s an
awesome baster and really really simple to use now put it back in the oven and
go right over your counter top. I’ve got a few different vegetables that I’m
gonna add some olive oil on and the first one are just some simple carrots
Brussels sprouts and in the next one some potatoes.
Go ahead also and season them with salt pepper and then using your hand or a
spoon just mix everything together so that they are completely coated and we
want to add them to the pan that’s in the oven so on one side of the roasting
pork loin let’s go ahead and add in our vegetables maybe spread them out just a
little bit on the other side of the pan hit it with the other vegetables
potatoes in this case what I’m gonna do is simply
push it right back into the oven it’s gonna cook for another 30 to 35 maybe
even 40 more minutes want to make sure the vegetables are tender the pork is
cooked through let’s go ahead and take a look absolutely gorgeous the pork has
that beautiful brown on top the vegetables are perfectly cooked they’re
got a little bit of roast on them but from the drippings they sort of also
braised my favorite cooking technique here and to serve up you can simply put
these right on a platter and serve alongside the vegetables or you can
slice up the pork loin and serve it with the other one and to finish off what I
like to do is add on a little bit more of that rosemary and thyme chimichurri
just to sort of up the flavor a little bit boom your finish you have an
absolutely amazing pork loin roast with vegetables with rosemary and thyme
chimichurri sauce that you can be proud to serve up over the holidays I know
your family and your guests are gonna absolutely love it I’m gonna get into
this so we’ll catch up with you next time

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