How to make Swedish Glogg – Glögg. A mulled wine drink recipe for cold winters & Christmas (Jul)

Hi. I’m Karen Grete. Today, I’m going
to show you how to make Glogg. I use red wine. I pour it in the pot and
I’m going to heat it up in a little bit. But first, I want to add the spices. I
have a cinnamon stick which I break apart, throw in there. I have some orange peel
and I put cloves in the orange peel, goes in there as well. Then I add some
cardamom seeds, which I crush and they go in the red wine. And here I have some
crystallized ginger, I chopped it up a little bit and then it goes in the wine as
well. Now I add half a cup of sugar and this will have to simmer for about 45
minutes. After it has simmered that long, but make sure you don’t let it boil, I
strain the spices…because I don’t want it to have them in my cup afterwards.
Okay, like that. And at this point I’m going to add the raisins as well as the
almonds. But first, I want to chop the almonds. And of course I put it all back
in there to boil, or actually to simmer, I said boiled when it really only has to
simmer. Now, I’m going to add some vodka and I’m using the Danish vodka called
Fritz, but you can use any kind of vodka. And I pour it in as well. Let it simmer
a little bit and I want to taste it. Pour it in my cup, but I also want some
of the raisins and the almonds, I really like to eat those as well. So Iet
me pour it in and the Glogg is ready to drink. Enjoy it. Happy holidays.


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