how to open a wine bottle with a
corkscrew in this video I’ll be sharing how to select the right corkscrew how
and where to make the cut on the foil where to insert the screw leverage to
move the cork how to remove the cork as quietly as possible I’ve created a
simple step-by-step diagram for free and will tell you how to get the video step
1 selecting the right corkscrew this is a
double hinged corkscrew and so is this based on the waiters friend corkscrew
patented in 1883 by German inventor Karl Wienke it has a blade or a knife a
fulcrum and a screw in the bottle open for other beverages I was really
impressed with the corkscrew on top for under $10 the big difference between
these two is the blade you can see here this one has a much larger blade than
this one tighter finer serrated edge and it’s
also curved a little bit in the shape of the bottle also the fulcrum here is
completely more sturdier and stable than this one and actually moves up where
this one really doesn’t and look at this screw on here this actually has grooves
right in the screw which aids and gripping the court where the other one
is just smooth I got both of these cork screws on Amazon and the links for them
are down below at the description section step 2 how and where to cut the
capsule the correct location is under the lower lip of the bottle and this is
for hygiene ok these bottles of wine might be dustier than most but I wanted
to use them to create an extreme example to show that dirt and debris may be
present on your wines check this out in slow motion as the wines coming out of
the bottle it’s coming into direct contact with that upper part of the lip
so if you didn’t make the cut there it would be in contact with dust and dirt
potentially especially at the end when you go to lift the bottle up it really
comes in contact with that upper part of the lip
while placing the bottle on a flat surface you want to move the knife not
the bottle so the motion here is we want to get our blade right underneath the
lip here of the bottle we’re gonna move it around this side then we’re going to
come over around this way and do the same thing then pull up so and with our blade want to kind of get
it underneath the foil moving it right up top then cap should just come right
off you got a nice even line right here and in back on a side note if you don’t
want to be so formal and you’re with family and friends or just alone you can
always just twist and pull the capsule right off screw it number three
where’s we’d start the screw you want to insert the screw right in the middle of
the cork turning clockwise until you get to the last rung of the screw number
four how to use leverage to remove the cork
now we’re going to move the top part of the fulcrum onto the side of the bottle
we’re going to pull up not all the way then we’re going to take the second half
of the fulcrum right down the bottom and pull almost till we get out step 5
removing the cork as quietly as possible we almost have this port out and just
before we do that we’re going to gently move to the side and hear a little
whisper as I mentioned in the beginning I created a step-by-step diagram and
that can be found in the description section below
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