How to Open Champagne Like a Pro

Well hello there! I’m in the middle of
shooting a video back here for a sparkling wine this week and I thought
to myself, why not to show everybody how properly open a bottle of sparkling
wine? Seems pretty simple, I’m sure there are a million videos out there, but not
my video! Now most people think you just take the top off and let it spray all
over the place, but that is kind of JV and you waste a lot of good wine that
way, so let me show you the proper way to do this. All right obviously you want to
left take the capsule off now before you begin you want to keep your thumb on top
of this cage here this is known as the muzzle for obvious reasons there’s about
90 pounds per square inch of pressure inside this bottle that’s more than a
car tire you want to make sure that nobody gets hurt so you want to secure
that cork with your thumb and then grab that little tab on the side there here’s
an interesting fact in the old days this little wire tap here used to be done by
hand but now it’s done by Machine and it’s always six twists counterclockwise
one two three four five six Oh remember to keep your thumb on the cage and the
cork and at this point we’re going to grab a towel we’re not going to remove
the cage like many people do because of the more time your thumb is on this
bottle more safe you are ok so now I’m going to have to stand up for this party
while you’re standing I want you to anchor the bottle against your leg and
take the towel put it over top of the cork and hold that part steady and
actually twist the bottle and you’re going to hear a really soft thud and hopefully this is what the result
looks like your cork is out your bottles open now the sparkling wine has been
wasted now you’re ready to pour and enjoy all right my wine loving friends
open your sparkling wine with pride life is good but it’s even better it with a
little wine if you like what I’m doing here and you’d like to see more of these
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stay tuned for next week’s video and if you’d like to see what I’m up to here
guess you’re just going to have to watch the video I’ll put the link up right
about here Cheers you


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