How to Pack Wine When Traveling

So you’ve had that wonderful wine trip. Now, how are you gonna get all that wine that you bought home? I’m gonna show you how to pack some wine in this video. Hello hello hello. Welcome back to exotic wine travel. I am your host, Matthew Horkey. So today we’re gonna talk about packing wine and it’s something that we live on a daily basis because Charine and I, we travel full time for wine. We mostly backpack. We have some luggages as well. So we’re always carrying wine because we’re always going from country to country. We like to bring new, different styles of wine to have with people in the next country we’re going to, especially if we’re with wine writers, other critics, it’s just something fun to do. And I’ve learned some tricks along the way. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years now. It’s not always comfortable. Sometimes it’s a pain in the butt, but we get around it. So I’m going to show you a couple of options. Some things that we have done. We have also taken wine from all of our overseas trips into my cellar in the US. Sometimes we come in with 15 up to 36 bottles of wine. I’m going to show we’ve done some crazy stuff since we are on a budget. So I’m going to show you some things to do. If you’re on a budget, the easiest thing obviously to do is to wrap the wine in clothes. Make sure you tie it, you pack it really tightly in a suitcase, so it’s not swinging around. You know when we first started traveling we were just traveling with a backpack and then sending some boxes back. And then we eventually purchased a hard-shell carry-on that has been extremely useful. We would wrap the bottles in clothes or wrap cardboard around the bottles and then pack them. Until we found out about this company, Lazenne. Now we have some wine sleeves. We got these from Lazenne. If you want to check out some of their products that we have, I will put a discount code in the description box. Just to let you know, if you do choose to purchase these from us, from that discount code, we do get affiliate commission. So take it for what it’s worth. I do like these a lot. Yeah, these are fantastic. Another way to do it is we ask producers, if we buy a case or more, for one of their shipping boxes. And, you know, cardboard box with styrofoam inserts, those work very well. The only problem is they’re bulky, really bulky. If you have 12 bottles it will be under the limit for international check-in luggage. So it’s something worth checking out. Another option that we have just picked up and learned is we got a package from Lazenne, their Wine Check Elite. It’s a beautiful roll-on luggage. It has a styrofoam insert to put six bottles in or you can take the styrofoam insert out and put 12 bottles in the bag. That can be used to carry around for tastings, whatever. But it can also be used to be checked on. So I’m going to use all three of these methods and we’re going to take bottles of wine from Zagreb, Croatia to Detroit, Michigan, and I’m gonna show you what it looks like when we get there. We made a connecting flight from Zagreb to Paris, to Detroit, Michigan so it took an entire day, about 18 hours of traveling with all three of those methods that I talked about and you can obviously see which ones took a little bit more time. So the first method, using the box that you asked wineries for works out nice. As you can see, I had to wrap it up a lot. It got really banged up, and also, it took a long time to unpack. But the wines came out perfect. Right, so that’s a cheap, on the budget option if you’re traveling with wine. Just know that it’s not the most convenient, right? Cos you have a big, huge, bulky thing. Especially when you have a box, I mean you need to look for wrap service or get it wrapped up before you get to the airport. But the 12 bottles will make it under 23 kilos, your checked baggage limit. So that’s a good, cheap option. The other option is wrapping it up in the hardshell suitcase, which we did. I actually like using these sleeves that Lazenne gave us a lot better than wrapping them up in cardboard or wrapping them up and stuff. Surprisingly, you know, this was my favorite one at first. This is the the Bottelo Bottelo bag. Compared to this one, sometimes, I don’t like the stickiness cos it wears out. But they’re still useful. I like this cos you can wrap it up. And you know what, I hated this Vin Bouquet bag. It worked out really nice for the Magnum bottle, and I blew it up, and it had cushion. So uh okay I have a couple of these. Check it out. And then you know what I was most impressed with. I thought the Wine Check Elite here would not make it through checked luggages, connected flight. I thought it would get ripped, torn to shred. It still looks new. So this is convenient option. The cool thing about Lazenne is that they send stuff directly to your hotel if you’re in Europe, and then you can check it back to US or Asia, wherever you’re going. I will put the affiliate link up on the screen right now. We do get a small commission if you do choose to use it, so if you choose to use it, just know that it would help us out a lot, or you can go with the budget options which are fine too if you have a little more time. Anything else you want to add to unpacking wine? That will be all. Cos we go through it a lot. Yeah I mean if you’re always traveling for wine, it’s always important to just figure out the option or the solution and just stick with it because you’re going to bump into the same circumstance or situation all the time. So I’m gonna be carrying these things around a lot. So guys, if you like this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, Exotic Wine Travel. I will see you at the next episode.

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