How to Pair Wine with This Classic French Dessert, Clafoutis

– Chef Jessica Yang. From Rebelle restaurant, in New York city. How are you? – Good. How are you doing Patrick? – Very good. What’s on the menu today? – We’re gonna make cherry clafouti. – [Patrick] Perfect. (soft rock music) – [Patrick] What is a clafouti? What is, it’s a French word, obviously. – Yeah, it’s a traditional flan dessert from Limousin. Usually made with cherries, dark cherries. – Alright, so what’s the first step? – So, the first step is, we’re gonna mix our egg with some sugar. – [Patrick] Alright. – And just kind of whisk,
whisk it really well. – Don’t we have one of those machines that does this for us? – Um, (laughing) here at Rebelle, we do
everything old school. – [Patrick] Oh, really. (laughing) I’m gonna have to correct that. Tell me if I’m doing anything correctly. – [Jessica] You’re doing,
you’re doing great. – [Patrick] Yeah? – We want to like, blanch
the eggs and the sugar just so everything is really
really well incorporated. – I’m gonna keep beating
it until it turns white, you’re telling me? – Yeah, and while you do that
I’m gonna butter this mold. That we have here with some
– I’m gonna have some like – [Patrick] Popeye’s size (beep) forearms – [Jessica] Yeah. – [Patrick] by the time
this thing’s done, my God. Do you do this? Or do you have somebody that does it for you? – Oh, we do this. – [Patrick] Yeah? Are you sure?
– It’s my workout. – So, I buttered this mold with some room temperatured butter. – [Patrick] I see that. – And then we’re gonna
coat it with some sugar. – [Patrick] God. – And while you’re finishing up there, I’m gonna quickly get
these vanilla beans out. I kind of flatten the bean and open it up with my knife this way. – [Patrick] It’s the
inside that’s delicious? – [Jessica] Exactly. – [Patrick] Okay. – Now you’re just gonna
incorporate the vanilla. – Okay. – And then, we’re good to go.
– Am I doing it alright? Yeah.
– Okay. Perfect. – So now we add our cornstarch,
which is about 60 grams. – Oh my God, alright. Cornstarch? – [Jessica] You can do this slowly. – [Patrick] Alright. – Just king of incorporate it completely. – But what’s that? – This is almond flour. – [Patrick] Oh. – [Jessica] Which is
just ground up almonds. – So it is always a gluten free desert? Not a specialized thing
– Yes. for you, it’s just the way it is. – It’s always a gluten free desert. – That’s good to know, I have
friends who are gluten free. – The almond flour’s really nice because it kind of
complements the stone fruit so know we’re gonna add the
– I’m not liking all this dry – stuff going in here, I have a feeling this is gonna start sucking even more.
– Yeah. (laughing) – [Patrick] And what’s this? – [Jessica] This is yogurt. – [Patrick] Yogurt? – Yeah, because, in France you would normally
use a really nice creme fresh or cremepess. – Right, oh yeah it smells great. Like you can smell the almond,
you can smell the vanilla, and now that, like kind of
its sourness from the yogurt. – Perfect, that looks great.
– Yeah? You still good? – And then, and then we just add whole milk.
– Oh yeah. Yeah. (laughing) – Whole milk. This, it’s a, 250 grams of yogurt,
– I really think that they 250 grams of milk.
– make a machine that makes – this, that makes this whole
process a whole lot easier. I’m not gonna lie to
you. I think I’ve seen one of those machines.
– This, unfortunately, – It’s called a mixer. (laughing) – So now, all we have to do, is put some pitted cherries in here. – [Patrick] Alright,
there goes the cherries. – [Jessica] Yeah. We just line the bottom. – [Patrick] Good, that’s good to go? – Yeah. Pour it in here. And then we just pop it in the oven at 380 degrees. For about 20 minutes. – Let’s open some wine, yeah? – [Jessica] Yeah. – Alright, since we
have some time to kill. So, this is one of the oldest producers, and for me really one
of the great producers, of Riesling’s. They make some other wines as well, some great sparkling wines, but this is a late harvest Riesling from Hermann J Wiemer. Really looking to Germany for inspiration so they’re making kind of off dry wines. Wines that have a little bit of sweetness. And then there were some dry wines but they weren’t as
dominant as they are now. Now, I feel like there’s a movement and an interest to make
more dry wines up there. But there’s still some guys
that stick to the old way and make slightly sweet wine. So they let the grapes
hang a little bit longer than then would if they were
just making a normal dry wine. Wine’s always get a, grapes almost get a little raisin-y and then have a little bit of sweetness left over in the wine. But it’s not like sickeningly sweet. Cause like, this dessert, and I feel like the majority of the
desserts that you make, are desserts that have
really good balance. There’s not overly sweet
and that makes them really more wine friendly. Cheers. – Cheers. (glass taps) – And aromatically, it has like that grape kind of fruitiness. I mean, there’s definitely
some stone fruit there. – Oh yum. – I think if you mentioned stone fruits. Like if you did, like,
apricots or anything with this kind of dessert or
any sort of apricot desserts, I think it works really well with. But there is a, kind of a
hint, of like ripe cheery. Or, you know, kind of red cherry.
– Definitely. – Right? Yeah. – And some, honey. – Yeah? – [Jessica] Yeah. – Well, are we, we’re
getting close to being done I would imagine.
– Yeah we’re, – We’re pretty much there. – Okay, cool. Let’s get it. – Yeah, that looks great. So, I like to finish this with whipped cream with a
little bit of creme fresh and icing sugar and lime zest. So I just top it with some lime zest just to add to the freshness. – [Patrick] Okay, well let’s eat, and see how the wine
works with the food, yeah? – Yeah. – What’s the best way to dig in here? – [Jessica] I just plop
some of this cream on here and just dig in.
– Yeah, that seems right. – [Patrick] Alright. (laughing) (soft rock music) I think that’s pretty good.
– That’s just the wine. – [Patrick] Pretty good pairing, right? – Yeah. – Good. Well, cheers Jessica. – Cheers. – Thanks so much. – Thank you. – Yup. It’s good to feel good about
something that you make I guess, huh? (laughing) – [Jessica] Yeah.

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