How to Pronounce Chablis? Best of French Wine Pronunciation

Chablis. Chablis. Chablis. The typical French pronunciation: Chablis. Chablis. Chablis. Note that the S as is often the case in French,
the S at the end of Chablis is silent. DO not pronounce it. Do not say ChabliS. Do not say ChabliS. But rather Chablis. Chablis. Chablis is the name of a village in the Burgundy
wine region of France, in Bourgogne, that is particularly famous for producing high
quality white wines made from Chardonnay. Chablis counts with many Grand Cru vineyard
sites, some of the very best vineyard sites for making Chardonnay in the world, as well
as some Premier Cru vineyard sites that are some of the best as well, best slightly lower
quality than the Grands Crus. You will also find in Chablis wines that are
called Petit Chablis that are more simple, more affordable white wines but also made
of Chardonnay in the villages, or around the village of Chablis, France. Chablis. Chablis. Au revoir!

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