How to Pronounce Château Haut Brion? French Wine Pronunciation

Chateau Haut Brion is a first growth of
the famous 1855 classification of the wines of Bordeaux more precisely of the
wines of médoc. Chateau haut-brion is located in the Pessac-Leognan in the
Graves area south of the Bordeaux city, France. Chateau haut-brion. So how do you
go about pronouncing Chateau Haut Brion? The letters AU in French form the
sound O. The initial H is absolutely silent. So is the T of HAUT. So just say O
and then BREEON. BRION. The letter I in French forming the sound EE. So BREEON. So not emphasize too much on the final N, do not say BRIONN but rather
BREEON. So essentially overall Chateau Haut Brion.
Chateau Haut Brion. The typical French pronunciation if you can pronounce the
French R: Chateau Haut Brion Chateau Haut Brion in Péssac-Léognan.
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