How to Pronounce Sangiovese? Italian Wine Pronunciation

very very beautiful estate here… a who makes wine videos here on youtube
welcome to my wine school here on YouTube where I share the passion and
knowledge of wine so I am a French winemaker wine writer and founder of one
of the most popular wine blogs in the world humbly that is called social
vineyards calm so today we’re looking at how to pronounce the name of one of the
most famous red wine types in the world and one of the most famous Italian wine
grapes Sangiovese let’s go. Sangiovese. arguably the best famous of all Italian
grapes making the renowned Chianti wines in Tuscany Sangiovese derives its name
from the Latin sangwich llaves meaning the blood of
Jupiter, the almighty Sangiovese how not to pronounce Sangiovese well maybe
Sanjaya VZ no rather san-jay-z and that was it guys pretty easy wasn’t it now I
hope you can pronounce once and for all Sangiovese a properly and enjoy your
Chiantis and your Brunello without destroying the name of the grapes the
Sangiovese grape I hope you enjoyed this video if you’re looking at learning more
about one pronunciation I’m French but I speak fluent Italian and Spanish and I
speak a little bit of German so check out my top 40 wine words video the top
40 wine words that you should absolutely know about and know how to pronounce out
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