How to Pronounce Tempranillo? Best of Spanish Wine Pronunciation

What is up guys? I’m Julien the French
way making guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube. Yes, wine videos! So
welcome back to another wine video. Welcome to your wine pronunciation video.
I am a French winemaker but I spent a few years working as a wine maker in
Spain and my Spanish is actually pretty fluent so today we are going to be
looking at how to pronounce the name of the most famous of all grapes coming out
of Spain we are going to be looking at how to pronounce Tempranillo or
Tempranillo. So how do we go about pronouncing Tempranillo I will guide you
through the English normal traditional English pronunciation as well as the
Spanish pronunciation authentic Spanish from the heart of Spain from Castilla in
Spain how do you pronounce Tempranillo Well, the first syllable is pretty straightforward.
TEN, then PRA, TEMPRA. NEE i in Spanish being pronounced EE. TEMPRANEE and that’s where it gets a little bit tricky double arrow is
actually pronounced LYOH so this wasn’t entirely correct. It’s actually LYOH
so Tempranillo. Tempranillo if you are able to pronounce
the Spanish R very well you can say Tempranillo. Tempranillo.
Tempranillo. Make sure to insist on the i. Tempranillo. Tempranillo. And
that’s pretty much it! Obviously, Tempranillo is the grape that
makes some of the best wines in Spain, that makes the majority of the blends
that are used in Rioja also some of you know fantastic wines coming out of the
Ribera del Duero such as the wines from Vega Sicilia which are you know
the most famous in Spain There are many wines in La Mancha as well in the center of Spain. So Tempranillo is really the grape coming out of Castille,
the real heart of traditional Spanish heritage. That was it for me today.
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you enjoyed today’s video, and I will see you soon in the wonderful world of wine.
Salud! Santé *music* despite the storm that here’s we’re
still on board


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