How to Remove Carpet Stains and Remove Red Wine Stains

Thanks for joining us at Plain and Simple
at Home and today we will be showing you how to remove a red wine stain from your carpet
without using chemicals or harsh cleaning agents. My dad had a little red wine accident on the
carpet and after doing our research on how to clean it we wanted to make sure we found
a safe, effective method that is not harmful to kids or pets. We found something that works so well and
we were so impressed with the results, we decided to recreate the actual scene and share
it with you. Oh no… We are going to use the all purpose cleaning
glove made by H2O at Home paired with 100% biodegradable netepur bar. First we need to get the glove wet with warm
water and then wring it out so it is no longer dripping. As you can see, our glove has been used many
times on all kinds of stains throughout the house so it has some miles on it. But it is still going strong. We will begin cleaning the wine by blotting
the stains first. Once we have absorbed as much as can, rinse
out the glove and continue blotting and rubbing allowing the microfiber glove to transfer
the stain from the carpet to the glove. Depending upon what type of stain, you may
only need water to clean it, but the red wine… we are going to need a little help. We just rubbed a little of the netepur bar
onto the glove and started rubbing it onto the stained area. Once you have applied it to the stain allow
it to sit for about 20 minutes allowing it to interact with the stain. Then we rinsed out the mitt again and rubbed
over the stained area. It’s looking pretty good. Thanks for joining us at Plain and Simple
at Home. We hope you found this video helpful so please
leave us a comment or provide feedback. If you’re interested in finding out more about
these products we put the link to the site in our description. For more videos on solutions around the house
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