How to Save Smelly Wine – Chemistry Life Hacks

earned yourself a moment to breathe, take a seat, and enjoy a glass of wine from that lonely bottle
that’s been waiting for you. You crack it open, pour yourself
a glass only to find that your wine stinks like
matchsticks and burnt rubber. Here’s a cheap trick to save your
vintage wine, save your day, and seriously, it’s so cheap
that it’s next to free. First of all, a good swirl of the glass might help rid your wine of
its bad aroma, but here’s what to do if it’s still too overpowering. Head straight to your coin jar, pull
out an old penny, give it a nice, solid cleaning in the sink, and
then drop it right into your glass. Stir it around briefly with a spoon, and pull it out to taste and
smell a world of difference. And yes, this hack does involve you putting that thing that
your mom said to never put in your mouth into your drink. The stinky smells can be the result
of winemaking thanks to a chemical process called reduction, which
compliments oxidation as grape juice sugars are fermented into wine. Some brewing processes restrict its contact with oxygen during
fermentation, and at times this reduction process can go into
overdrive and starts producing thiols, or stinky sulfur molecules. These three carry some
of the heaviest odors, and have very specific smells about them. When you drop a penny into your wine,
the copper reacts with these thiol compounds, producing odorless
copper sulfide crystals. If you’re tyring to look more classy,
this hack also works with a silver spoon instead of a penny, you know,
if you happen to have one of those banging around your kitchen
for whatever reason. But consider this a pleasant change
of pace, instead of dropping big money on wine, just drop some small money
into wine, and get back to relaxing. While you wine drinkers rejoice, why
not sit back and check out these two other life hack videos featuring
hack inspired by Jeff Potter’s awesome book, Cooking for Geeks. A link’s down in the comment, make
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