How to Say? 60+ Bordeaux 1855 Chateaux – Wine Pronunciation

What is up guys? I’m Julien the French
way making guy, who makes wine videos here on YouTube, yes wine videos!
So welcome back to another wine video. This is episode 20 of Julien’s Wine School
the series where we learn everything that you should know about
wine or everything that hopefully you want to know about wine otherwise just
let me know so a few months ago I made a video
explaining all the details and intricacies of the 1855 classifications
of the wines from Bordeaux recovered its history how the classification came
about and how the classification was done and if you haven’t watched that
video if you want to learn more about the 1855 classification itself well I
certainly recommend you have a look at it here I’ll link to it right here and
at the end of this very video now if you watch that video there was one thing
that was missing from it that you can probably tell it was the names of all
the classified chateaus in 1855 and a supporter of the channel just asked me
on Facebook to make a video exactly about this to learn more about the names
of all these super famous wine states and how to pronounce them in particular
from the first groves to the fifth growths and seen some French and I’ve
studied winemaking in Bordeaux and I pretty much know them all well I thought
this was quite a good idea didn’t have anything else to do today obviously so
you know I thought this would be a great challenge and I’m always hot for helping
out our community and make videos about topics that you guys are wondering about
so in the 1855 classification there was and oh there is 60 shadows from the
Médoc and one from the pisaq luna area in the south of Bordeaux the city itself
based on five different categories the Premier Crus there were five Premier Crus
14 Deuxieme crus second growths, 14 troisieme crus third gorths, 10 quatrieme crus, fourth growths,
18 cinquieme crus, fifth growths. oh and at the very
end of this video I will give you all of my favorite Chateaus and why I love them
my favorite wines in the area so make sure to stay tuned to the channel for this
as well so here they are all in descending order of their ranking all
the chateaus for each I will try to pronounce the genuine French way as well
as the interpretation of English if I can remember how it how it is done
also I will try to go quite quickly so this doesn’t take an hour and if the
pronunciation of one of the Chateau is particularly interesting you can always
pause and watch it and replay again so here there are with no cuts in edits
hopefully 60 of the best shadows in Bordeaux’s pronounced just for you so
we’ll start with the Premier Crus the very first growths the top top top estates
the most famous ones that you probably know already but you know you might
learn something about their pronunciation so you got the Chateau
Haut-brion in Pessac Leognan Chateau Haut-brion, Chateau Haut-brion
then comes Chateau Lafite watching Chateau Lafite hotel we would say in French up
in black but in English it’s a Chateau lafite-rothschild in Chateau Latour also
in Pollock Chateau Latour Chateau Latour then chateau margaux the one you know
that is so dear to my heart chateau margaux Chateau Margaux Margaux
BC and then Chateau Mouton Rothschild sure to Muto or chilled we will say in
French next – laughs it was shot up oh yeah then come the second verse you got
shot over on connect Chateau blonde Kanako brand contact in the village of
contact but in the AOC of Margaux area Chateau caused a sternal up incentive
chateau course destiny Chateau cost destiny then chateau du coup bookish a
to do click book are you insane Julia to do crew ibaka you shattered joke for
events again in Malgosia to Joseph of events order food Vivint shuttle glue
the walls also in San Julian shuttle guru the holes chateau la scone that one
I love to Chateau las come in mah gawsh at Alaska my bidding
chateau la ville back to in Central Asia to live in battle chateau level Bertrand
Chateau live in Alaska as the series of the Leoville Chatelet Velasquez in San
Julian naval warfare a naval warfare a chateau morose up in Santa’s they’re
fantastic second wave ships almost first close to at this point chateau de
chillon will bow on the pitch also five bound pitch on barrel up in Koyuk and
Chateau pitch on Longueville contesse de la langue so fishing contest also in
Koyuk Chateau hoes on Ziggler in Margaux Chateau Rosen Ziegler in chateau Rosen
gaseous I think it’s neighbor up in margosa to ozone gaseous third graphs
chateau Boyd can’t knock again incontinent but in the area Mongo
Chateau Boyd can’t knock Chateau can you see you up in Center staff this one’s
really good Chateau cologne Segura Chateau can’t knock Brown chateau
connect brown easy that one in English chateau de mere I shattered my in Mago
shut off area also in mogul shut off area Chaterjee school that’s in Lebon in
the areas of Mongo as well shuttle diesel also in cunt Mackey Margo have
visited that one made a video you should check it out Chateau Kiowa in Tier one
in connect also Malgosia 2 K 1 then Chateau La Crosse in
st. Julien largest state but really some interesting wine chateau la lagune
that’s in Houma dog surprisingly and not in the very very top estates but it’s
bit of an exception chateau la lagune then you got Chateau Longo
dr. up in San Julian Chateau longer back to Chateau mal a school sent exuberance
Chateau mal school sent exhibit initiative – school Saint Exupery
Chateau Maki Bellamy don’t pronounce the S on this one Chateau Marquis de la
Motte Oh Palmer or shuttle Palmer I think you can
say Palmer that me ok but if you want to prance it French Way Chateau Palma for
squirrel Chateau – well in San Julian Chateau Beach Volusia Tobin honey dew
crew in San Julian and Chateau d’If minnow in black you got Chateau La Roche
Chateau La Ferme roche in center steph chateau
makkhi down Chateau machi in the town in Mago Chateau puree or again in contact
you know camp NACO village of Carnac it makes some fantastic wines in the area
of Mongo Chateau clearly leashing Chateau puree machine also Margaux
Chateau son Pierre Chateau st. Pierre in San Julian chateau turbo also in san
julian don’t pronounce the T on this one turbo chateau turbo shaft Ola to County
in Saint Laurent the Moroccan that’s also in the IOC meadow chateau latoque
carne v groves chateau Dominic up in puah Chateau Dharma rock next to MU to
Russia Chateau beta e got some great memories of an old battery up in PO
aksha to Belle Reve in Selma doc and another one in the Murdoch appellation
chateau come on suck also in the AOC over Daksha to come on site chateau come
to me maybe come tomorrow that’s in marco also in the OSI medic chateau
Claire minnow another neighbor from Mouton Russia to clear me no Chateau
costs LaBrie next to cost Estonia to collaborate across LaBrie up incentive
shuttle cadre buzz no got it right wrong crazy bash a – kwazii back Chateau d’eau
Zack in la banda Margo chateau pre Lucas aunty nica’s should I
say chateau Humphrey Lacoste also in Porsche – oh boy libera
chateau Obata a all of those are in Prague fantastic few Scrolls in foyer
canoes are absolutely fantastic shuttle Nash barsaat or Lynchburg they probably
same inch bash and there’s also Lynch Musa I think it’s a family anyways shut
up a desk lo a visited that one a friend wisdom the fantastic estate chateau
pedis claw shat upon taken a OBC shat upon taken a chateau du test up in a
sack also in Margaux fantastic estate alone
and that’s pretty much it I hope this was useful it would only be tricky maybe
it wasn’t that entertaining but hopefully you’ve got the correct
pronunciations of all these estates now in the box
and on the web on the internet if you like learning about wine we’ll make sure
to have a look around my channel I made a video about how the wines from bottles
are made at Chateau pedalo in PO yak and I made all the videos about Bordeaux and
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these videos well I would appreciate if you gave it a thumb down but if you
liked it I would absolutely know if you gave it a fumble and that’s it pretty
much for me today or no and I’ve wanted to give you my favorite lines from the
1855 classification I’ve tried quite a few of them I’ve worked in the mid och
for quite a while so here are my very favourite chateaus and favorite wines
and why I’ll try to keep it short I mean I’ve got millions of stories and I
should probably make a series on all those wine stories but I’ll give you a
few of mine well essentially I worked at Chateau Margaux and I spend about nine
months over there so chateau margaux is always going to be so so dear to my
heart it’s a stunning estate I’ll show you a few images here stunning estate
the wines are absolutely absolutely super they dance but also elegant all
the elegance of Margaux also in Margaux I really like Chateau Cisco and Chateau
du tetra used to work for them a few couple of years ago now great estate
great people there those are a little bit more affordable than many of the
models that you can find around even though the quality is just absolutely
superb so shuttle disco and shuttle detect are absolutely recommended our
generally speaking I love Margaux I love the elegance of Margaux and I just spend
so much time in Margaux that I’m just loving the area are also love chateau de
zon that I visited and made a video about this beautiful state the wines of
the the wines are very very big for Margo’s
but are quite like that style as well in poor yak I don’t mind
Chateau Mouton or shell and Chateau lafite-rothschild you know the really
really good estate I should and I would like to taste more vintages perhaps I
haven’t had so much opportunities but the few have had have been fantastic and
as I was telling you a really low of Chateau pretty low so this is an estate
that he used to be not considered all that good but they’ve restructured the
vineyard they’ve replanted huge part of the vineyard they made the constructed
or entirely new super modern barrel well fermentation I mean winery I should
say barrel room fermentation room everything is really modern now the
people there are extremely nice and kind and very very precise very very
knowledgeable so the wines are just shooting up in quality really really
love Chateau pitty school I’m a huge fan I’ve always been a huge fan of course
distillate I mean who isn’t I guess up in the center Steph the the estate is
superb the Chateau is fantastic in the wine so I’m just stunning every time you
come across them every time I’ve had a chance to try them just love them I also
love Aubry Oh as I was telling you down in physical union within the world’s
pretty much of the city surrounded by you know houses same in buildings from
the city but stunning stunning stunning estates I’ve always always loved them
flat again I’ve got some great memories off I mean this so so many but those are
the ones that have really stuck to my heart for the quality of their world so
in this last column also in Meru that you know remember enjoying the wines
from Chateau La Swamp also rather affordable for Margot but all the
precision the finish the elegance of Margot so those are the ones that I’ve
really star struck and stuck into my head because I’ve worked with them
because I’ve had great memories of them own so I definitely recommend you try
those but yeah that was me for today I hope you enjoyed today’s video I’ll
leave it there for today it’s probably been logging off this video and I hope
to see you soon in the one who world of wine make sure to subscribe
again and support the channel I needed it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of effort
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that viewer that asked me to make that specific videos just to please him and
hopefully a lot of you as well I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I will see
you soon in the wonderful world of wine cheer

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