How to Sew a Wine Carrier – Pattern and Assembly

If you don’t want to go to your next party
empty handed, bring a bottle of wine and make it extra nice by carrying it in a handmade
wine carrier. This project is a great way to utilize fabric scraps plus people are sure
to love your unique carrier. Let’s get started. For supplies, I’ll be using three different
fabrics. My main fabric and lining fabric, are both cotton, and I’ll need ⅓ of a
yard of each. I’ll need ⅛ of a yard of faux suede for the handle or you can also
use cotton, if you like. I’ll also need all purpose thread and ⅓
of a yard of fusible fleece. For tools, you’ll need a sewing machine,
iron, pattern paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, pins and needles, sewing gauge and fabric
marker. First, let’s make our pattern. On your paper.
Draw a rectangle that’s twelve inches by six inches. Then, on both corners on one of the six inch
sides, draw a square, inside the rectangle, that’s 1 ¼” by 1 ¼”. These squares will be cut out of the rectangle
to give you your final shape. This pattern should fit any standard size bottle of wine. Use your pattern to cut two from the main
fabric, lining, and fusible fleece. You’ll also want to cut out your handle
and I’m just cutting out a strip that’s 4 ½” by 13”. Apply your fusible fleece to each of your
main fabric pieces. The bubble textured side of the fleece goes to the wrong side of the
fabric. Place a damp press cloth over the area and set your hot iron over one spot,
wait for about five seconds and then move on to the next section. Do this until you’ve
fused all the fleece onto the fabric. Place the main pieces right sides together
and pin the two long sides and the short side. Sew these sides at your sewing machine using
a quarter inch seam allowance. When finished, press your seams open. You’ll want to repeat these same steps with
your lining pieces, except on the short side, put a pair of X’s two inches apart. You’ll
still be sewing a seam on all three sides but there will be no stitches between the
X’s. For both the main and lining, we’ll next
have to sew each of the corners. Pull the corners apart to match up the seams. This
will give you an angled edge. Pin and sew a quarter inch seam. With the main piece wrong side out and the lining right side out. Place the lining inside
the main piece, lining up the top edge and the seams. Pin all the way around. Sew around the top with a quarter inch seam
allowance. Pull the lining away from the main piece.
Remember that we left the area between the X’s open with no stitches. With this opening,
we can now pull everything right side out. Once everything is right side out. Use a slip stitch to sew the lining opening closed. I just tucked in the raw edges in order to make sure that I have a nice folded edge and that everything is lined up. I’m using thread and a hand needle to sew the slip stitch. You can see I’m coming up on one side, I’m just going to grab a little bit of the folded edge on the opposite side. Pull my thread. And then go back to my first side directly across. Grab a little bit of the folded edge again. And then go back to the other side. Just zig zagging between the two sides pulling my thread in between Until I have done the whole opening. Now you can put the lining inside the main fabric and give the top a good press. Edge stitch around the top opening. This will
keep the lining inside and make it look neater. Let’s make our handle. Fold the fabric in
half lengthwise and pin on the three raw edges. Leave another pair of X’s on the longside,
about two inches apart. Sew a quarter inch seam on the pinned sides, not stitching between
the X’s. Cut off the corners and flip the handle right
side out. Tuck the raw edges of the opening into the
handle and pin so you get a nice straight edge. Then edge stitch around the whole handle. Pin the edges of the handle so that it overlaps
with the top of the carrier by 1 ¼” and is centered on the side seams. Sew a box around the handle end by stitching
on top of the edge stitch and across the top to the carrier. When sewing, be careful to
pull the other parts of the carrier back so you don’t accidentally stitch through the
other side of the carrier. Use your fabric marker to draw an X inside
the box then stitch on your lines. This will help reinforce your handle. Here’s a look at the finished carrier both
the front and side views. Now all you need is a nice bottle of wine for a complete party
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