How to Swirl Your Wine Without Looking Like an A-Hole

– I’m Patrick Capiello
from Rebelle Restaurant in New York City. Today I’m gonna teach you
how to swirl a glass of wine and not spill it like an asshole. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being that idiot at a party with a big wine stain on his shirt. So many times you want to look cool, and you want to swirl the
wine and impress the ladies, but it can be a hazardous thing to do if you don’t know how to do it correctly. So the best way to swirl it is to start by keeping the glass actually
on a table or a flat surface. And I always tell people, hold the stem like you were holding a pen, and then pretend you’re drawing circles on the area where you’re swirling it. So all you’re doing is just
doing a drawing motion, and you see naturally the wine will swirl in that sort of beautiful,
very safe fashion. And then as you get
better and better at it, you can kind of pick the glass up. Again, keep making those little circles with your thumb and your index finger. And then before you know it, you’re like swirling like a pro, and by swirling it, you’re just really stirring up the oxygen
and the wine around it, and you’re really making all the aromatics come bursting from the glass. And as you smell, I always tell people, start to smell when you’re
further away from the glass and then bring your nose in slowly, smelling lightly, like
smelling a glass of wine should be like smelling a flower. You wouldn’t jam your nose
in it and take a deep breath. You would breathe in slowly and calmly. You’re really trying
to get those subtleties that are in the wine
and the real aromatics. I’m Patrick Capiello from


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