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Hi everybody, it’s Sam here from The Whalley Wine Shop, and this week I’m helping you to taste wine like a pro! “Would Sir like to taste?” “Nah it’s alright, it’ll be fine, mate.” “But I insist Sir…” “Yeah, it tastes great that, mate…!” We’ve all been there, you order a bottle of wine in a restaurant, the waiter comes over and asks
you to taste, and you freeze! You have no idea what to do! Well it’s time to put
you straight. First things first you need to smell the wine To begin with you’re
smelling for faults, so we’re talking wet cardboard, rotten eggs, any farmyard or
animal smells, or anything else that you don’t think should be there. Going back to the situation before in the restaurant this is all your waiters asking you to taste
for, whether the wine is faulty, NOT if you like it or not! After we’ve established
the wine is good to go, give it a swirl, give it a sniff, and this time you’re
looking for any fruit, herb, earthy aromas or anything else that you can smell. There really is no right or wrong answer to this part! Smelling your wine is so
important in being able to understand its make-up and the flavour compounds that
are in there. Take your time with this step, unlike me who’s moving swiftly on
to The Palate! Here you finally get to taste the wine! You can even do that
slurpy thing that wine people do, where they make that disgusting noise but the aim is just to draw
in a little bit of oxygen and to coat the entire palate
with as much wine as possible so as best to assess it. Remember to
concentrate and to compare what you taste with what you smell in the
previous step. Are those flavours the same?
Are they different? How do they compare? A big part of the palate is assessing the
structure of the wine. That’s its levels
of acidity, alcohol, tannin, sweetness anything like that!
I’ll link a handy article on what to look for when assessing the structure of the
wine for anybody who’s interested. And so finally, The Finish! How long do the flavours linger in your mouth after you’ve swallowed the wine? Does it last 5/10/20 seconds? Or maybe up to one minute or two minutes long? Usually the better the wines are the longer those flavours stick around, even after you’ve swallowed it. Alright, that’s everything for this week! There’s obviously a lot more to tasting wine than I’ve been able to cover here. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to let us know what you thought
of this video. And I’ll see you next time!

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