How wine waste powers Scania ethanol buses in France

This is the French island of Île de Ré. It’s nice, right? Well, thanks to a bridge built in 1988, the
island is getting more visitors than ever. You see, they’ve got really good oysters. Unfortunately, many of these people come by
car, leading to traffic congestion and pollution in an otherwise pristine environment. In response, local authorities are encouraging
cycle tourism, and have recently purchased nine Scania buses that are powered by ethanol
made from the byproducts of local wine production. But how does it work? Meet Jerome Budua, managing director at Raisinor. The buses run between the island and the nearby
port city of La Rochelle. If they choose not to ditch their cars, drivers
must pay a €16 toll that finances both an eco-tax and bridge maintenance. This is a local solution to a local challenge,
with Scania buses powered by ethanol.


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