I Got Arrested for Teen Drinking – Police Busted Me

Ever since I was little, I would watch shows
like COPS and watch all the different types of people get picked up by the police and
taken to jail. I had always been so set that I would never
want to end up like that, that I even set my goals and career paths on law enforcement and becoming someone to help and not be in jail. March 3rd, I decided that I would drink because
of how terrible that my day was, and how I wanted to hang out with my friend before he
left for college and I was alone once again. We went to a movie and then went to a store
and next thing we knew we were at a park. We sat there for a couple minutes, played
soccer for a little while and down went an entire bottle of vodka, an entire bottle of
wine. It started to rain so we both ended up running
into the backseat of my car and sitting there talking for a couple hours. We were so drunk we totally forgot that it
was midnight and we both had to be home soon. We both end up passing out and next thing
I knew when I woke up, there were so many cop cars surrounding us. An officer walked up to me and asked me my
name and I gave him my license and I thought everything would be okay. I don’t really remember much after that. I do know that I ended up in the backseat
of cop car. We drove about 20 minutes out to a station. They filed paperwork, they gave me three
phone calls. I used the first one to call my mom and she
didn’t answer. I used the second to call my grandparents and
they answered, which ended up in them calling my mom and her yelling at me. I sat there waiting and finally they took
me to the back where they took my blood and made me pee in a cup. I have scars on my legs and my arms from self-harm,
so I was put into the special side of the jail where you have to wear a green padded
dress and it’s velcro so you can’t hurt yourself. I was only in there for a day and a half but
felt like I was in there for four years. Finally, I was allowed to leave. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know
how to feel. My mom came and picked me up. 271 dollars for my bail. They had taken my car and I had to go pick
up my car. 180 dollars. I went counseling right after that and went
to the doctors and had to get on anti-depressants because the thought of sleeping and being there
again, made me scared. About five months have gone by. The thought of being in jail still haunts
me. I don’t ever want to be back there again. I’m afraid to drive. Ive pushed so many people away because I’m
afraid that something bad will end up happening and i’ll be back in that situation. Now I know what to avoid and what will happen.


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