I have the fragrant and sweet lotus wine, do you have a story to share?我这儿有清香甘甜的荷花酒,你有故事吗?|Liziqi

A Chinese song [wo hao xiang zai na jian guo ni] Use 4 to 5 lotus flower. Gently wash the lotus flowers. bamboo steamer Put the bamboo steamer in a bigger pot or wok. Spread a cheese-cloth or Muslin-cloth onto the steamer rack. Divide the lotus petals in two portions. Take one portion of lotus petal and divide it in half. Use one half of it to spread onto the cheese-cloth. Put glutinous rice that already soaked in water on top of the lotus petals. Spread the glutinous rice evenly. Put the second half of the lotus petals on top the rice. Steam it on high heat. Jiuqu (fermentation starter for Chinese rice wine) Use mortar and pestle to mash the rice yeast into powder. Blend the rice yeast powder with water. Once the glutinous rice is cooked, poke a few holes to let the steam comes out. Put the steamer rack on a empty basket. Use bland water to rinse them. Use rice spoon to mix the rice and the lotus petals evenly Let the rice cool down a bit. Put the rice yeast water onto the rice. Mix the rice and the yeast water very well. Use a big ceramic jar to store the mixed lotus rice for better fermentation. Use the second portions of lotus petals to spread on top of the rice in the ceramic jar. Close the lid tightly. The fermentation takes one month. Use a smaller ceramic jar. Strain the lotus rice wine through a cheese-cloth into the smaller jar. Make sure to squeeze out the remaining rice wine. Close the lid. Use a fresh lotus leaf to cover the jar mouth with the lid on top. Put the jar in a big wok. Cover the jar with rice chaff, and dried grass. Cauterizing the lotus rice wine. Cauterization for second fermentation. Do not open the lid. Use mud to put a thick layer on top of the lid to make sure there is no air comes in and out. Bury the ceramic jar under the ground. Better to use a place that no directly sunlight hit onto the ground. Cover the ground with a layer of dried grass. Cellaring the wine. It will take up to one year or longer for the lotus rice wine to complete the fermentation.

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