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– What don’t I know about
my son, that you do? – Gosh, I feel like you know everything? (loud laughter) He does
shave it all the way off. Did you know that? – No, but it doesn’t surprise
me. Cliff did that years ago. (laughter) – I’m Dionne Ervin and
this is my mother in law. – Sue Ervin and this is my
beautiful daughter in law. – Ahhh – So, first off, Brian is my only. – Yeah. (laughter) – Yeah, she did, when Brian was 25. – I made him move out of the basement. – Yes. – Okay, who’s going first,
you want me to go first? You have to be honest. Do you think I take good
enough care of your son? – Yes, most of the time. And so the times you don’t, is probably when you’re upset with him. You’ve gotten in fights
and don’t make his lunch. I taught you that. – Definitely don’t make his lunch. – So, it’s just a give and take. You ready? (laughter) – Imma take a shot. (laughter) – Would let us live with
you if we were older? – Yeah. Could you babysit
the kids? (laughter) – Yes. My mom lived with us
for the last weeks of her life. – Weeks? I’d give you a
little bit longer than that. My turn. Okay. Am I who you pictured
your son would marry? (gasp) – You were more reserved back years ago. And you’ve come out to be
a little bit different. – Okay, fair enough. Okay. – Onward. Were you a virgin, when you met my son? – Nope. – Ohh, how many people
did you sleep with before? – Mmmm, 12? Goodness gracious. What is your least
favorite thing about me? – Oh my. I’m going to say it. Sometimes you’re insensitive
and I’m not going to say anything more and I’m
going to drink to that. – What do you find most sexy about my son? – Okay, Imma take a shot. (laughter) – Whoa. – What do you find most
sexy about the big Cliffy? – So, years ago…
– Yeah, years ago. – he had a bubble butt. – Cliff has lost it. – His butt went away. – Yeah, but it’s okay, he’s still cute. – What was your gut reaction when you heard we were getting married? – Ooo0hhhh, I honestly don’t remember. – So, did Brian tell you
that he was going to ask me to marry him on the cruise? – Yeah.
– Good. – Who do you think helped pay
for the ring to begin with? (laughter) Have you ever cheated on my son? – Nope, but I, no, okay, no. Have I ever thought about it? – There’s nothing wrong with having… – Thoughts. – And looking. If you’re not looking,
you might as well be dead. Next. – What’s the worst thing you’ve
ever said about me to Brian? – You spend way too much money on shoes. – And then you go out
and buy the same ones. (laughter) – Are you a good lover to my son? Are you a good lover to my son? – When you babysat them last
week I know I was a good lover. – Better be more than once a week. – It’s not once a week. (gasps) – Poor Brian. (laughter) – Babysit more. – Absolutely. – Yes, okay, deal. (hands clap) – What’s something you think should change about my relationship with your son? – More sex. Get it on girl. It was good. I might babysit, maybe, a little more. – For Brian. – Good job girl. – Every night. (laughter)


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