iNSIDE Disney Parks – Sneak Peek at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and More

– This is the super bowl of festivals. – [Mark Daniel] And we’re
taking you backstage where the tastiest
ingredients come together for Epcot’s annual Food & Wine Festival. (upbeat music) For 75 days, one of the
world’s largest food festivals happens right here. You don’t need a passport
to taste your way around the world. All you need is a big appetite. To experience savory dishes,
fine wines, craft beers, and specialty drinks from
over 35 global marketplaces. And this is where the
culinary magic begins. (drumbeat) – [Rick DeCicco] This is our
festival production kitchen, where a lot of the ideas are born. Many of the food items
are prepped in this space. We are very proud that
we do the majority of our cooking right on stage,
right in front of the guests. – Three of our new dishes
this year, we have the Active Eats energy bar
bites, we have the Impossible Burger slider, so it’s a
completely vegetarian dish, and the charred chimichurri
skirt steak, that’s served on a corn pancake, it’s delicious. – [Rick] Best ideas come from
noodling and starting with an ingredient. – [Chelsea] We have a
gigantic team of chefs, restaurant managers, we work
together, we throw ideas off of each other, and then
we get to taste things, who doesn’t love that? Then on opening day seeing
our guests getting to try everything is a fantastic feeling. – Preparing for this
event takes up to a year. That gives Epcot’s proprietor
of festivals Rick DeCicco plenty of time to audition
the perfect grape. (bottle popping) – Each fall, the best wine
region in the world becomes World’s Showcase. Cheers, Rick. What can you tell us about this wine? – As Kurt Russell being a
Disney legend, it’s absolutely one of our favorite offerings this year. Pairs excellent with our
cheese plate, our charcuterie plate, and a brand new seafood cocktail. – What does wine add to
the food experience at the festival? – [Rick] We really like to
look for the unique offerings that you can’t find just about anyplace. – [Jenn] And how do you do that? – Well, it’s an exhaustive
process, and we have to do a lot of tasting. It has to be something that
resonates with our guests. Either a classic wine or
something that is brand new to the market. – I really want to try this
one, can we give it a taste? – [Rick] Absolutely. – It smells so good, and
it tastes like candy. – This is a California
sparkling wine, and it’s blue because of blueberries. It was so popular last year
in its inaugural year that we had no choice but to bring it back. – This has been a real treat. – It’s my pleasure. – We’ll see you at the festival. Cheers! – Cheers! – Great food, wine? What more do you need? Well, coming to the stage is
some incredible live music. Eat to the Beat is serving
up a buffet of pop, country, rock, and R&B, with 32 musical acts. Catch more superstars of
the culinary world, polish up your food game with
seminars, tasty demonstrations, and tips from celebrity chefs. – I’m Alex Guarnaschelli, and
I hope you come and see me at the Epcot International
Food & Wine Festival. I’ll be cooking, I’ll be
eating, I’ll be chatting about food. Come and join me. – Now, who’s ready for something sweet? Check out this tasty
spot at Disney California Adventure Park. – Wow, this is really good! – I’m here at Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, at Disney California Adventure
Park, the newest addition to Pixar Pier. Curious to know what’s in store? Let’s go take a look. Look at all this candy. Squirrel! Why is Bing Bong the perfect host? – Bing Bong’s the perfect
host because as much as a beloved character he is,
he cries candy tears. So who better to host candy? – What can guests find here? – They can find exclusive
apples that look like Bing Bong himself,
exclusive cake pops; we have merchandise too. And Bing Bong that
smells like cotton candy. – What? – Yeah, smell his belly. – You’re right, he does! If you come to Bing
Bong’s you have to try the memory refreshers. Sydnee, which one do you recommend? – [Sydnee] The rainbow
unicorn, it’s all the flavors. – It’s insane. – I have my rainbow unicorn,
and my imaginary pal, from my imaginary pal. Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff
is now open at Pixar Pier. Come check it out! – It’s like, it coordinated with my dress! – Guests visiting the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival will find a smorgasbord
of merchandise available during the 75 day event. Celebrate the festival with
this spirit jersey, and this fun headband that sort
of looks like wine corks. Check out this exclusive
Dooney & Bourke handbag that’s perfect for a
stroll around the world. Transform your next dinner
party with home, tabletop, kitchen, and wine products
that recreate a tasty around the world experience. Looking for a fun activity for the family? Remy’s Ratatouille Hide &
Squeak is sure to fit the bill. Children of all ages can
search for Remy in a savory scavenger hunt around the festival. Look for these products at
select merchandise shops around Epcot during the festival. Cheers! – The Epcot Food & Wine
Festival is the place to be this fall. Come ready to taste around
the world and make your own culinary memories. We’ll see you next time
on Inside Disney Parks! (upbeat music) – Halloween is casting a
spell at Walt Disney World. Inside Disney Parks brings
you all the wickedly fun celebrations this fall. (ghoulish laughter)


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