Internal Sustainability Award 2017: Ruffino

Our century, which we make wine, Ruffino since
1877. For us wine is life style, stile di vita,
and so for a good wine we need respect; respect of the place we grow up, respect of our environment,
respect of our energy, our water and respect for mamma natura, mother nature, because only
thanks this we can make a good wine, and respect for our life here means respect for our consumer
around the world; so for that first we have to do our best here, and then we can offer
in every single bottle of Ruffino wine a great message of rispetto per la vita, respect for
the life. This is what means la vita Ruffino. CSR for us in Ruffino is about our personal,
individual purpose for respect of the environment and respect for the community we live in that
becomes collective, unified in one single big sense of purpose and all together therefore
we can have a material positive impact on the environment and on the society. And quite frankly working in a company where
our personal ambition, when it comes to the social responsibility aspect, does not need
to be compromised for the sake of the business accomplishment and accountability but instead
can be fully realized and fully fulfilled, it’s really really inspiring and energizing
and it really helps all of us to became a better person and a better citizen. Ruffino is proud to have obtained ISO 14001
Environmental certification for all of its sites three years ago and to have maintained
it ever since. We make at least six management reviews annually
to monitor our environmental performance and to set new environmental goals. Annually we also participate in carbon and
water footprints and this year we have participated in one more environmental competition organized
by the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and we won the silver medal which makes us
really proud. Moreover we are really glad to have received
a recognition of Constellation Brand for the work done by our colleagues on sustainability. A big innovation for the fiscal year 2017
was the application of new waste water treatment that receive and treat waste water coming
from all production areas of Pontassieve cellars. It is a biological reactor with membranes
and it is composed of 3 tanks for the equalization and 3 tanks for the biological treatment. After the equalization the water is filtered
to eliminate solids and is added to sludge. Sludge are bacteria that eat chemical compound
inside the water releasing clean water. At the end of treatment there is a filter,
0.6 µm of dimension, that separates clean water from sludge. Clean water is stored in a big tank before
it is released to municipality pipelines. We are working on different projects to reuse
clean waste water for irrigation of our garden and to give it to the public authority for
cleaning streets. In the estate of Poggio Casciano, cradle of
the two top wines MODUS and ALAUDA, one of our projects on sustainability is BERTONI. Bertoni is a drift recovery machine tested
for 5 years on 20 hectares in the vineyards of the estate and compared with a low level
atomizer without recovery. The combined annual savings in cost 27% and
in products 30% has served as a confirmation that we are indeed on the right track to achieve
economic and environmental sustainability. Sustainability is an indispensable focus for
us and a mature awareness on the subject is a must for winegrowers of the future. Our precision farming project began in 2011
with the acquisition through aerial flights of the maps of vigor of the vineyards of the
Chianti Classico estates. Our main objective was to characterize the
variability of the vineyards, and in particular to characterize the vigor, the production
and the quality of the grapes, and to develop at the same time a site-specific management
method of the vineyard to increase the quality and quantity of the grapes to produce our
top wine Riserva Ducale Oro Gran Selezione. Starting from 2014, our project has been further
implemented using new harvest application as a method to support and optimize our harvesting
choices. One of the main features is the possibility
to make maps of the quality of the grapes and use these quality maps as an indication
for the harvest. Since 2014 we have in the company a VRT technology
harvest machine, able to use these prescription maps to carry out automated selective harvesting
directly in the vineyard. Thus we obtain at the same time two levels
in the single phase, two levels of quality of the grapes destined to be sent to the cellar
separately to make two different wine-making processes. From that we obtain two wines of a different
quality: the first level, Riserva Ducale Oro Gran Selezione; from the second level Riserva
Ducale. We are implementing a manual of good agricultural
practices to protect the environment, people and animals that live and are present near
our companies. The whole process is managed in such a way
as to minimize the risk of the environmental pollution due to
the improper use of plant protection products and fertilizers. All the products used in the process are chosen
respecting the environment and the people who use them. The operations are carried out by specialized
personnel specially trained and with the use of efficient state of the art equipment. At the end of the production process, the
waste is divided by categories and stored in special areas before it’s disposed in
landfills or recycled.

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