Irish People Taste Test Potato Alcohol

-Not to insinuate a stereotype or anything but Irish people drink potatoes. God knows. -Yeah, ’cause why have 2 national stereotypes when you can have 1 SUPER one [music] [crunching as Donal eats a raw potato] -(Both) [sniffing] *overlapping agreeing* Smells really good yeah -[retches] Oh that is strong -Oh that’s nice
-That’s really nice! -Can I have more tonic? Oh Jesus -I’m not sure if it’s just the potato I’ve eaten, but I get the taste of potatoes -This is not helping Irish stereotypes
-[chuckle] -Oh it smells really like… fruity or somethin’ [both lip-smacking]
-Ooh I really like it. It has a hint of… alcohol -[blows raspberry]
-[laughs] Yeah that -This tastes exactly like the first one
-Mm -Am I missing something? Like, is- there is no difference right, that’s the same thing? -No, it’s the elderflower, man -[slightly strained] I’d drink it, yeah
-[even more strained] Yeah… I’d drink it -Would ya?
-Are you sure? -Ginning!
-We’ll be friends by the end of this anyway, ’cause we- this is breaking the ice, isn’t it -Very murky, very thick, very uh… very thick and murky -[smacks lips] That is delicious
-That’s very nice -That’s delicious, what is that? -It’s a little bit sweet for me -It’s only a potato if you fry it and you can make chips out of it, do you know what I mean? -Don’t take this personally but I was really hoping I was gonna be paired up with, you know the really hot guy that’s got dark hair, guy with the beard? -Lemme ask you a question, what are chips made out of? Potatoes.
-Potatoes, yeah -If I fry this, would it make chips? No. -I was ready, I was ready to be in a video with him -So I shall give it an 8! I would definitely see myself drinking this, listening to the music of the Aran Islands [sings/yells in Gaelic] -[disgusted] Oh
-Euuuugh -“Neat” in Ireland means you have to dip your potato in it and then lick it off -Truly, that’s what neat in Ireland means
-Oh [coughs] That is strong! -[retches x3] Oh, can I have that -No, gin, gin, that’s gin!
-Nice. It’s nice -It’s a lot nicer with the tonic water but Jesus Christ, if you can have that neat, fair play to ya -You know what-
-No no, no! Hey, whoa, whoa! Don’t impune our masculinity right now, okay? Is that- does that make sense?
-Impune! Impune away! -[deep sigh] I’m not as fond as- of the previous one [laughs] It’s like- [laughs] [coughs] -No, like I don’t know how anybody would drink that
-I know I couldn’t drink that -But I do hate gin, I am biased
-Yeah, it’s an acquired taste [giggles] -It doesn’t smell like- yeah, this might be nice! -This is some sort of vodka, it’s some sort of vodka, see
-Of course -I was wrong -I have a technique to down drinks, close every hole [laughs] -You like that one
-Oh yeah, this… -It’s much smoother, isn’t it
-Thursday night, loud disco music, drag queens everywhere [clink]
-To Saoirse Ronan! -Saoirse, [coughs] why?! -[snickering] …Ohh… -Final thoughts about potato drinks?
-Uhm, yeah, why aren’t there more potato dirnks? -Ohmygod, imagine if they had that in the famine… oh wait -Pleasantly surprised, because when you said it was gin, I was like-
-Yeah, same – (cont) oh I’m going to vomit so bad, in this room -Have we created a whole new stereotype now? Or are we just rammin’ home the- the normal ones -My final thoughs: thanks very much, very delicious, overall
-[both laugh] -Okay well then we’re not completely stereotypes, then, that’s okay
-Yeah, we’ll get there -We like drinking and we like potatoes [elevator music] -Apparently if you can’t smell it, it just tastes like- the same consistency as an apple -No, it tastes like potato
-Tastes like a potato? Tastes like a potato -Ah. [both laugh]


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