Irish People Try American Christmas Cocktails

Yeah, we’re trying Christmas drinks and getting drunk, I hope. Tea! Hot chocolate! It looks like if you were drinking your tea and your biscuit fell in and then you just went f*** it and you mixed it all up. It looks a bit rotten but actually smells Great. What is that? Smells like cake? Oh she’s warm. Too hot. What is this Irish people react to burning? It actually tastes really like cake as well then. Besides the burning sensation, it’s actually grand. It’s called hot butter rum. No… That’s butter? No… It’s just calories okay. It’s a once a year thing, and then just never again because you might die. It’s like liquid cake that gets you drunk. Is this eggnog? I feel like this isn’t enough for us to figure out the taste. I feel like we need like a bigger glass —a pitcher of—Justa big old pitcher. Yeah, it’s not too like you don’t go “Oh drink me” It’s not one of those Do you know what I mean? Cuz it looks at ten percent. It’s one of those things that we don’t know what it is But we see it on American shows and go, “Oh!” Holy bananas it’s strong. It’s alright. Yeah, that’s not bad. That’s smooth. It’s like Bailey’s same consistency as Bailey’s actually. After a few of them you be uh egg-snoggin. Oh! That smells horrendous Oisín. It smells like pepper. Nutmeg? It’s pepper. Tom and Jerry? You’ve blended a rat and a cat? But it doesn’t taste of anything. Somebody saw a chicken lay and went “Christmas drink.” “Christmas.” What’s the obsession with eggs? Anyone thinking of the chickens? If you gave it to me first, I’d be like “Aye that was nice.” but it’s just cuz I’ve tasted the other two. This is Super Fancy. This looks good. It looks like a thing that you put into the aquarium to clean the fish. Yeah, that’s nice man. Tastes like a Berocca. Yeah, it’s nice. Just like orange-y white wine. It’s like somebody was throwing a bottle of champagne around the room and a bit landed in the glass and then there was sugar that fell in from somebody’s mouth that’s what it tastes like. I think the nicest thing But this is just the glass it’s just nice to have a glass like this. Came here to get, ah, to get drunk. Yeah, just confused. I thought they were all lovely. Yeah, I feel very christmassy now. That was quite nice. That was nice. Happy Christmas! Merry Christmas! Yeah yeah. Jesus you’re already drunk. That’s because you haven’t eaten. Look at the head on him. Look at the head on him! It’s like he’s been plucked out of the ground!

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