Is bang energy drink good for you? Bang Energy Drink Review

Hey everyone, Caffeine Man here, and today we are going to be going over the energy drink BANG! There has been a lot of hype about this drink since it’s been on the market and it hasn’t been readily available near me, but I decided to go out and grab it anyway to find out what all the hype is about. I’m going to go over how it tastes, the caffeine
content, the ingredients that make it so popular as well as a few tidbits about the company. Coming right up. INTRO: C *THUD* M*THUD* *LIGHTNING STRIKE* Hey everybody, what is up? Thanks for joining me today. Today we are going over the energy drink Bang. I’ve heard a lot about this drink and it’s
making a huge impact on the market right now. Especially among people who like to work out and even people starting on the popular new Keto diet. And before we jump into all that, if this
is your first time here, thanks for joining me and if you want to stay informed on all things caffeine related, be sure to hit the subscribe button. If you like what you hear in this video, also
hit the like button. Bang has really increased in popularity since
it came on to the market in 2012. It’s now being called the world’s healthiest
energy drink on the market. Not to say that energy drinks are unhealthy,
but there are a few out there that spoil it for the rest. *Cough* Monster
*Cough Cough* Amp Bang started off with only 9 flavors and is currently at 22 flavors and they still have more on the way. Bang not only offers the benefit of not having any sugar in it, but it also has no calories. Add that to all the other healthy ingredients
it has, it’s no wonder that health guru’s and workout wonders have been using it and
completely raving about it. Plus, with the rise of the Keto diet becoming
very popular, this drink has been known to be Keto friendly and I’m sure that’s helped
increase sales. Bang is made by a company called VPX Sports Nutrition and was established in 1993 by Jack Owoc. Owick? O-wok? O-Wick? Eh, it was discovered by Jack. You know, Jack. The companies mission statement is to make
the highest quality nutrition supplements on the market as well as back it with scientific
research. According to Jack, “Initially we focused on
sports nutritional supplements, but have rapidly expanded into the ready to drink muscle building
and performance enhancing beverage market.” VPX claims that their beverages are found
in all 50 states through various distributors. I’ve had a problem finding them because they
haven’t been in any of the larger chains near me such as Walmart, Target or any supermarkets,
but according to the website, they are available at Quick Drip (which really isn’t around me),
7-11, Ralphs and Chevron. I actually found these Bang’s for my review
at GNC and a lot of other health supplement stores are starting to carry it as well. What about caffeine content? When Bang originally came onto the market,
it had 357 milligrams of caffeine in it, but somewhere along the line, they dropped down
to 300. Now, apparently, Monster and VPX DO NOT get
along! And not to point fingers at anybody, but from
everything that I have read, and I’ve done a lot of research on this, it seems like Monster
might be at fault here. They files not one, not two, but three claims
against VPX, and haven’t won a single case. All they are trying to do is slander the company,
twisting Jack’s words, and trying to get negative publicity so that people won’t buy Bang. And Jack is just awesome. I’m going to include a link to one of the articles with him responding to one of the lawsuits from Monster. He’s a no holds bar kind of guy. He says it like it is. He is definitely not afraid to speak his mind
on this topic. One of his more notable comments was, “Consumption
of Monster is associated with 17 deaths, heart attacks, heart beat irregularities and countless
adverse event reports. To the best of my knowledge, we have solve
over one hundred million cans of Bang and we have never had one adverse event report.” BOOM! Take that Monster. I added that last part in, but I’m sure that’s
what he was thinking. So, let’s talk about some of these ingredients
that make Bang so special and what separates it from the rest of the field. First off let’s start off with super creatine. What is super creatine? Well, it was actually patented by Jack Owick,
Owok? O-Wick? It was actually patented by Jack himself. He was actually able to create a water soluble version of creatine, and since he’s been the only one to do it he decided to give it a
name and patent it. So, what’s regular creatine? Creatine is one of the top selling supplements
for improving performance while working out. Studies show that it can increase muscle mass,
strength and exercise performance. Creatine is also better for short duration
exercises because it become phosphocreatine which releases energy to the cells during
stress, which also makes it popular among athletes and body builders in order to gain muscle, enhance strength and improve exercise performance. Next, on to CoQ10, or otherwise known as Coenyzme Q10. CoQ10 has a lot of health benefits associated with it, such as heart and blood related improvements. It’s also still in medical studies for several
other health benefits and potentially being helpful with several diseases. But rather than get into all of that, I want to focus on the energy drink itself to find out why it is in Bang. CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant which protects cells from damage and plays an important role in the metabolism. It helps the production of ATP, which is a
chemical form of energy. So, overall, supplementing with CoQ10 can
increase power during exercising and reduce fatigue, both of which can improve exercise
performance. What’s the third game changing ingredient? BCAA’s. BCAA’s stand for Branch-Chain Amino Acids. They prevent fatigue during exercise because they limit the amount of muscle broken down during exercise. BCAA’s have also proven to help with muscle
fatigue since the muscles uses these amino acids as fuel during long endurance events. During these long endurance events, your body
starts using these amino acids once it has used up all the carbohydrates available as
fuel. Thus, BCAA’s are good to increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness and reduce exercise fatigue. In addition to those three special ingredients,
it also has a healthy dose of all your well known supplements such as vitamin C, niacin,
B6, B12 and magnesium chloride. Also, one more note before we get on to the
taste test. A lot of people have said they don’t have
any crash after drinking Bang, even after exercising, which is a huge bonus. Usually with energy drinks, there is some
kind of crash afterwards. So, why is it that Bang doesn’t have it? Most energy drinks have sugar in them, some
more than others. These sugars boost your adrenaline, dopamine
and insulin levels. When the sugar leaves your system, your hormone
levels normalize and cause a crash. This can also be seen in several studies where
people had regular Red Bull and compared it to Sugar Free Red Bull and also noticed less
crash when they had the Sugar Free Red Bull. Now, on to the most exciting part of the video,
well for me at least; The taste test. I’m mostly excited about trying to cotton
candy flavor, not because I overly enjoy cotton candy but because I’m curious how they can
get cotton candy flavor when cotton candy is just sugar and flavoring and there’s no
sugar in these drinks. Pssssst, it’s probably sucralose. In any case, I haven’t actually tried these
drinks so the reaction you see will be genuine. I’m also going to be focusing on the flavors. I’ve watched a lot of videos where people
try these drinks and they say, “Yeah, it was ok,” or “Yeah, it was pretty good.” and several videos where they don’t even tell you what they taste like. In most of these cases, I really felt like
they were saying “yeah, it’s good, for what it is,” no sugar, no calories, yeah it tastes
alright. But I’m really concerned with the actual taste of it. Because although it has no sugar, no calories and other health benefits, I still want my drink to taste good. I want to know if it compares to the Red Bull
Sugar Free lime, which is very lime-y, and I want to know if it tastes close to the sugar
drinks, like the coconut Red Bull. *yum* Good stuff. So, the first one I’m going to start off with
is the cotton candy one. *CAN OPENING* I wouldn’t say that it has a strong cotton candy flavor, but it definitely does taste a little bit like cotton candy and it does seem to be a little bit less carbonated than some of the other energy drinks on the market. I would also say it has a little bit of a lighter feel to it and that’s probably because there is less sugar. But overall, it does have hints of cotton
candy to it and it’s pretty good. Next, I’ll be trying the blue razz. I like that one too. It definitely has a raspberry flavor to it
and just like the cotton candy, it has a light feel to it and is not too carbonated. I can see why they call it blue razz because
I get a hint of blueberry as well. So far, two for two and I’m impressed. Next we have champagne. *CAN OPENING* I don’t actually drink a lot so I’m not sure how close this will be to champagne, but I’m
fairly confident if there’s no alcohol in it so most people will say it’s not champagne. Well it definitely doesn’t taste like champagne,
because I don’t like champagne, and it might be because of the alcohol, but this VERY good. I can’t exactly explain what it tastes like
so I’m guessing that maybe it tastes like champagne. But it’s just really good. It actually tastes slightly sweeter than the
other ones as well which is curious because you’d think cotton candy should be the sweetest
but this is really good. I like the lightness of it, like the other
ones and I’m really enjoying the flavor. Next we have sour heads. I’m curious about this one because as much
as I like sour candy, I’m not sure if I like sour drinks, so let’s try it out. *CAN OPENING* I find this one a little hard to describe as well. It definitely has a bit of sourness to it
and it kind of reminds me of a sour apple flavor and after a few seconds, i can kind of taste the sourness even more, similar to the sour candies. I’m not sure if there is a sour apple sour
patch kid. But I think that’s what it would taste like. Either way, I can’t see myself drinking this
whole can because it would be too sour for me and you really get that acid flavor from
the sourness, but it’s still fairly light. Next we have peach mango. I’m fairly excited to try this one because
peach mango has been a favorite of a lot of people and I’m also a big fan of peach mango. *CAN OPENING* I can see why it’s peoples favorite. This is DELICIOUS! You got a heavy peach flavor and a mango flavor,
it’s not too sweet, it’s very light and if you can tell by the high pitch of my voice,
I’m very excited about it. I’m even going to take a second sip and not
edit it out. *Ah* Very good! And lastly, purple guava pear. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about
this one so I’m interested in trying it out as well. This is the last one that I have. I was only able to get six, even though I know there were originally 9 and have up to 22. I’ll probably do another video on some of
the others ones as well. I’m a big iced tea fan, so I’m interested in trying some of the iced tea flavors that they have. I still have a lot of other videos planned,
so I’m not sure when I’ll get to it, but definitely subscribe because it will be coming up. *CAN OPENING* Similar to the peach mango, this does have a heavy pear flavor and I can taste the guava in it as well. And strangely enough, I can taste the purple. What does purple taste like? So, like I said, I’m concentrating on the flavor of these and most of these have a fairly strong flavor. Even if it doesn’t have a strong flavor, it
has a good flavor and if you add that to all the other benefits of it such as no sugar,
no calories and all the other performance enhancing features, I can see why Jack is
calling it The Bang Revolution. I’ll even include a link down below to the
peach mango one since that one was my favorite so that you can have it shipped to you if
it’s not locally available. That’s all I have for you today, thanks for
watching and if you like what you heard and want to stay informed on all things caffeine
related, hit the subscribe button. I do new videos every Tuesday night and I’d
love to have you join me. Thanks for joining me and have a great day!


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