Is Resveratrol The Fountain of Youth?

Resveratrol. This tiny little capsule
contains the power of over 500 glasses of red wine and without any of the
negative side effects of alcohol. What I love about resveratrol is there are
thousands and thousands of studies that have been done on it. It truly has a
longevity anti-aging benefit to it. Today we’re here in Gainesville, Florida
at the University of Florida and I’m in a laboratory where all sorts of
nutrients are tested for efficacy, for milligram dosage, really to show us
what’s what, how much is in here of the active ingredient that we’re looking for.
So many of you have been asking me, ‘How do I know what nutrients are right for
me? What’s the dosage? Where do I get them from? What do I look for on the label?’ And
I think that I am uniquely positioned to share this insight with you. I’ve spent
the last two decades of my life traveling all over the world finding out
where things come from, cutting out the middleman. So that we can work with
smaller indigenous communities or small farms or whatever it may be so that we
can all get the very best ingredients at the best price and at the scientifically
proven levels that we need. So I wanted to share with you one of my favorite
ingredients. It’s called resveratrol, you’ve been
watching the videos that we’ve been putting out. Resveratrol is truly an
anti-aging miracle. I interviewed Dr. Christian this morning and you can click
on the link in the description below to see his interview it was amazing we did
it at his house. But about a decade ago he wrote a very good article, a very good
paper, on how resveratrol switches on our anti-aging genes. So as we get older
these genes turn off and he showed that just with a small amount of
resveratrol, actually 20 milligrams, you could switch on these genes. So I became
fascinated I went to the South of France which is
where, you know, this concept of the French paradox, that the French can eat a
diet that’s super rich in fats and all these different things and yet have some
of the healthiest cardiovascular systems in the whole wide world. So they have all
this fat, they drink red wine, we wonder what is it because? And so at the
University of Bordeaux I went over there and I spoke with the scientists I said
tell me everything, teach me everything, and what they told
me was that it had a lot to do with where you get the resveratrol from. Where
this amazing molecule comes from so they sent me to vineyards in the Bordeaux
region where I learned all about how resveratrol comes from the seed, the stem,
the vine of the plant, it’s a defense system that protects the plant from
different pathogens and it can work in a very similar way within our own bodies.
So if you eat peanut butter, if you like red wine, if you eat dark chocolate, these
are all places, a lot of the dark a lot of the dark berries, these are all places
that you can get resveratrol. But once I really started to dig into the science I
learned that we needed more than what we can just get from let’s say a bottle of
red wine. I learned that we needed somewhere around 250 milligrams or 500
milligrams or even a thousand milligrams to get the levels that we need from the
science. So I only want you to remember three simple things when you’re choosing
to incorporate resveratrol into your life. Number one you’re looking for
trans resveratrol. So a lot of products that are out there are just going to say
resveratrol. That does not work because there are lots of different types of
resveratrol. There’s cis resveratrol, there’s trans resveratrol and you want
the trans T-R-A-N-S. That’s the active form of resveratrol number one. Number two
wild crafted or organic so you can’t get a ton of the trans resveratrol from the
seeds the stems the vines or the grapes. In fact, you can only get very small
amounts of resveratrol. So in order to get the 250 milligrams
the 500 or the thousand of the trans resveratrol you need to get it
from other sources. There is a root that grows throughout most of Asia called
Japanese knotweed and this weed grows all over the place. So if you can get a
wild crafted Japanese knotweed that’s a great source for the power of
resveratrol and we know that it has so much power on anti-aging. There have been
studies that it’s shown…there have been studies that show that it helps with
weight loss, there have been other studies that show that it improves your
overall cardiovascular health there are studies and you can google
this as it relates to people that are going through chemotherapy, the NIH has
done research actually on the products that I developed over the years and the
science is so incredibly compelling. The third thing I want you to look for when
choosing a resveratrol supplement is what sort of the capsule looks like and
here I’ve just got a couple of different examples. So this is a little soft gel so
you can take it in this form this is a capsule and you can see the material on
the inside and here is another capsule and you can see the material on the
inside. They all look very different and only one of these has trans resveratrol which you can see on the side of the packaging. Only one of these comes
from a wild crafted source and only one of these has none of the unnecessary
binders or fillers. So take the two minutes when you’re picking your
trans-resveratrol to make sure it’s at 250 500 milligrams or 500 milligrams
depending on what you’re looking to achieve, make sure that it’s coming from
wild crafted or an organic source and the third thing is in the other
ingredients you want to make sure that there’s no unnecessary binders or
fillers that really hold back the amazing benefits of trans-resveratrol. I
hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what to do when choosing a
powerful anti-aging resveratrol molecule. I love your comments so keep leaving
them you’ll see in the description we have links to so
many other articles, other videos, ways to incorporate resveratrol into your diet.
I’ve got tons of recipes and just overall I hope you enjoy the beauty of
this incredible molecule to your good health.


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