Italy Vs. California Wine Taste Test

– California’s known for good wine, and Italy’s known for good wine, so we decided to bring in three Italians and three Californians to
settle once and for all, who has the best wine:
California or Italy? (upbeat music) (speaking Italian) – Ugh, that is just awful. I’ve never had wine so bad. I’m not, I’m serious. (speaking Italian) – This is basic and this
is like a Rhodes scholar. (speaking Italian) – I like this one more. This one is a little
bit too bitter for me. (speaking Italian) – This tastes like maybe it was grown in a drought, California. (speaking Italian) – Is this one Italian? This one’s Italian. (speaking Italian) – And now we’re off to the white wines. In California, we call this water. (speaking Italian) – That is an assault of flavour. (speaking Italian) – This one seems like it
would go good with food. The Italians love food. Californians don’t like to eat. (speaking Italian) – I think this one’s the Californian. I think I deserve a drink. (speaking Italian) – This is the Italian wine and
this is the Californian wine. But I’m choosing this
one as the better wine. I like it better. Smells like something my mom would drink. (speaking Italian) – It is great, it’s smooth,
it’s like almost buttery. – Light and fun, offensive. (speaking Italian) – I think I like this one better. It’s just a little brighter. (speaking Italian) – Off of smell alone, I’m gonna think this is the Italian one. (speaking Italian) – I think this is the Italian
and this is the Californian. (speaking Italian) – Italy definitely kicked California’s ass at this taste test. (speaking Italian) – All in all, the Italian
wines seemed more enjoyable. – But if you wanna cool, funky label, California’s your place. I am curious, I’ve been spitting out my wine this whole time. I’m gonna see what the
concoction tastes like. This is all six wines together. You know, you’re gonna say I’m crazy, this might be the best one. It is good.


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