Janeil Cabernet Sauvignon Wine video

Hey, guys! Are you bored? I have a present for you. Let’s cheer up and try it! Cabernet Sauvignon is originally from Bordeaux But the grapes for the Janeil wine are grown in Languedoc region the grapes for Janeil cabernet sauvignon are very small with thick skin
small it’s gives the wine high tannins and phenols it’s not aged in oak barrel that’s why it’s cheaper than others However, the Janeil wine tastes as good as more expensive wines it’s a big bold wine it has a fruit and spicy character with medium length it smells like black currant and blacberry you can get earthy aromas like tobacco and chemicals aroma as well How to make a perfect food match with Janeil? Let’s ask an expert! and because it’s for all the things you
told me earlier the blackberry fruits that is compliment to many red meats if you want your wine and food matching one focus in the star in the main event on the plate stakes any red meat, cane there can bu mushrooms and carolyn carrots that mistrusted it’s gonna match the rasty flavors of the wine explains intensity that one doesn’t know teams all out because of the tenants the clintons and proteins and cheese simply stated to you no there are some examples but it will
instantly usually the much firmer cheese recent cell maar abscess any entitlements so cal endangered species list just and

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