Josef Chromy Wines | Discover Tasmania

(♪♪♪) Hi, I’m Jeremy Dineen, chief winemaker here
at Josef Chromy. Come through
and I’ll show you around. (♪♪♪) JEREMY:
Josey Chromy arrived in Tasmania
in 1950 as a penniless Czech refugee. And he actually made
his first fortune in the meat industry
before branching out into wine in the early 1990s. And since then he’s owned
and developed some of Tasmania’s most famous vineyards
including Heemskerk, Jansz, and Tamar Ridge before in 2003
purchasing this property which is now Josef Chromy Wines. Here we grow Pinot Noir,
Chardonnay, for both table wine
and sparkling. And we also grow smaller amounts
of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Riesling. And for most Tasmanian pinots,
you should see a lovely bright vibrant
red fruit characteristic. But complexed with these
beautiful savoury characters, some nice fine-grained tannins
which give you a soft velvety feel
in the mouth. How about to accompany
our premium Tasmanian pinot, some artisan Tasmanian cheeses. And I know just the thing
to serve this with, a beautiful hand-crafted
Tasmanian cheese knife. Follow me, we’ll go grab one. I design and make jewellery
and small tableware objects that I think are functional
and beautiful to use. This is my glide gourmet knife,
it’s made of stainless steel. And it balances,
so it doesn’t tip out when you use it. This is where I make
my jewellery. And I normally start off
with just a plain piece of sterling silver sheet. This is my gourmet tine called
Peck, inspired by the Tasmanian honeyeater. JEREMY:
And check out this
for a cheese knife. Almost too good to use,
isn’t it? Then again… (♪♪♪)

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