Kelly Reviews John Legend’s Wine Collection | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You know I love your talent,
you know I love your soul, but I also really love your wine ’cause we did this thing
– Oh thank you, Kelly. – together and you had your wine there and I was like, “You
gotta bring your wine.” So this is your wine. – Yes, this is LVE,
Legend Vineyard Exclusive. We partner with a company called Raymond Vineyards, up in Napa Valley, and we make rose, we make cabernet, we make sparkling, chardonnay. (audience cheering)
– It’s so good. – Red blend, we started a few years ago with a 2013 cabernet and a 2014 chardonnay and we’ve grown to all of these and it’s doing so well.
– This bad boy is real good.
– The rose, we had this together on set the other day. – I was like, dang. – That’s probably– – You weren’t messin’ around,
like it’s really good. – Oh, it’s really good.
– You know how people, celebrities be like, “Yeah, I have a wine, “I have a this, I have a that.” This is actually good. (audience laughing) – Well, Raymond Vineyards
is really highly rated, they make really great wines. And so, I was trying to think about getting the best partner and we found them and
started working with them, and we just hit it off,
– Alright, well, let’s not be shy.
– and it’s good. – Let’s have some rose.
(audience laughing) – Yeah, why not? It’s your wine, I’ll take some. So, wait, you said you,
okay, ’cause it’s LVE. So you didn’t call it love for, ’cause it’s called, what? It’s Legend– – Legend Vineyard Exclusive, but it’s kind of,
– Vineyard Exclusive. That’s fancy.
– instant love you know. – I like it. Alright I’ll drink
– L-V-E and– – on my show. Get this Hoda! (laughs) (audience cheering) Now I’m stealing from Hoda’s
show, I’m okay with it. – Cheers! – This is so good. (audience cheering) – I mean it’s really good. I’m so sad y’all aren’t drinking it. But next season, I’ll
have more of a budget and I’ll bring you something.
– Now I know, now I know what to bring to give away to the audience.
– Exactly. Exactly.
– If I’m gonna be like Ellen. (laughs)
(audience cheering) – So you have, you have a new show, right? You have a new show
– Yeah. – that you’re executive producer of? – I have a company called
Get Lifted Film Company. We produce film and television
and one of our shows is our season finale’s tomorrow. It’s called Sherman
Showcase, it’s on IFC– – So for everybody that hadn’t
seen it, what is it about? – It’s a sketch comedy show, so think like laughing and Living Color,
– Oh my god I love Living Color.
– you know those vibes, but it’s all about a music
show so it’s loosely based on a fictional music show
that’s kind of like Soultrain. So it’s musical, it’s comedy,
– That sounds awesome. – it’s really funny and it’s written by these guys Diallo and Bashir, who used to write at Tonight
Show with Jimmy Fallon, and they came to us with
the idea to do this show and we were like, “Let’s do
it,” and we’ve had the season going on IFC for the first
season, it’s going so well. Great reviews.
– You are a man of many talents.
(audience cheering) – Thank you. – So our whole thing
today is about teachers and I know ’cause you’ve
used this against me several times in The Voice that you’re a teacher
(John laughs) and it works ’cause he
gets a lot of great people. Uh, but you are a teacher, right?
– I was a music director like a choir director, – [Kelly] A music teacher, yeah. – but I never actually
taught in the schools I taught at church
– Yeah church, yeah. That’s still teaching.
– and I taught a acapella group at
school in college, yeah. – [Kelly] That’s hard to
wrangle a lot of people. – It is, but that makes me
a good coach on The Voice. – It does.
(John laughs) I mean, you’re not gonna
win this season but yes. I was just kidding.


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