KORONA’s Winery POS System

Hello and thanks for checking out KORONA’s
winery POS software. We really love wine here, so we’re always
excited to bring on a new winery customer so that we have an excuse to come visit. KORONA is growing quickly, but our software
is already one of the most popular winery point of sale solutions on the market. But what makes it a great fit? Let’s take a look at why so many wineries
are switching to KORONA. Let’s start by talking about what makes
the software a straightforward solution. KORONA starts at $49/month for all customers. There are additional optional features available,
but there will never be hidden fees of extra costs. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying
every single month. And it doesn’t come with any contracts. We strongly believe that we’re only a success
if your winery is succeeding. That’s why you can leave at any time with
no cancellation fees of penalties. So, before we get into the details, know that
you can try it all for free before making a single purchase. You’ll get a devoted product specialist
to walk you through the system and can even upload your inventory so you can see exactly
what it will look like at your business. You might be wondering why KORONA is a monthly
fee instead of a one-time purchase. Well, many software solutions are now subscription
based. This means that you get access to the software,
along with full support services and all software updates. You see, we’re always striving to provide
a better POS service, and our team of developers are working to release new tools and features
all the time. So buying the software outright is risky because
it’s expensive and likely to be outdated within months. That’s why many companies have switched
to the software as a service model. It’s simply a better solution for any business. Ok, so now that that’s out of the way, let’s
look at why KORONA in particular is such a great POS system for wineries. First off, KORONA is a versatile, all-in-one
solution. It can handle your sales across multiple channels,
including your bottle and case sales, gift shop or other general retail areas, QSR or
dining, and eCommerce. This keeps your operation streamlined and
organized so that you can easily produce insightful reports into your winery business. With all data consolidated under one umbrella
and a powerful winery POS, managing your inventory has also never been easier. Stock notifications, automatic ordering, vendor
relations, and ease of scanning make your business run more smoothly, help prevent stock
problems, and save you a ton of time. Now, how about sales and reporting? KORONA metrics and analytics help highlight
exactly how your business is performing. Detailed custom KPI reports allow you to see
exactly how your business has been performing. These allow you to see metrics such as year-over-year
sales, sell-through rates, average transaction amounts, conversion rates, inventory turnover,
return or refund rates, and much more. All together, your reporting will provide
you with a thorough look into your winery and actionable advice on any changes that
need to be made. KORONA can also help with your employee management. If you want to monitor your sales team, detailed
employee reports break down individual sales each day. For wineries that pay commission, this, too,
is simple to set up for automated calculation. Additionally, you can set custom permission
levels at each terminal for each employee. This means that each operation within the
point of sale can be allowed or banned based on access levels of each employee, helping
you prevent abuse and theft, while also keeping sensitive information more secure. Next, most wineries depend on a robust customer
relationship management system. A great CRM will help you manage club membership,
wine shipments, promotional email marketing, tasting groups, and your overall loyalty. That’s why KORONA integrates with bLoyal,
the most powerful wine club management on the market. Plus, both KORONA and bLoyal work with your
eCommerce side of business. Anything you sell online or at the winery
itself will be reflected in a single inventory and sales reporting database. The integration makes running this critical
part of your business that much easier. Now, let’s briefly address the main function
of any POS system: payments. KORONA’s winery POS integrates with all
major payment methods, including Apple and Android Pay and EMV cards. This keeps your transactions more secure and
provide your shoppers with added convenience. We integrate with many different hardware
payment options, so you have a choice of what machines you use. This goes for your tablet or desktop POS,
too. Speaking of choice, KORONA allows you to use
almost any credit card processor on market. We are NOT a payment processor and will never
lock you into unfriendly contracts. Instead, we work with a variety of processors
to find each winery the most reliable and affordable option. Credit card processing fees can have a huge
impact on your bottom line, so it’s important to be able to shop around and find the right
fit. So, hopefully this covers the basics of our
winery point of sale and why KORONA is such a popular solution. Please give us a call if you have any other
questions. Your free trial lets you play around with
the system for as long as you’d like, and a product demo will go even more in depth. So why wait?! Get started today and set up your winery for
a great future. As always, thanks for watching. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog
and channel!

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