Krāsnī cepta pērļu vista/Roast Chicken

Roast chicken with glazed root vegetables Hello My name is Kristaps Jokmanis There are different types of chickens, but today we are going to make pearl chicken Pearl chicken First, I am going to divide chicken. I am going to use breasts and legs today We could have baked a whole chicken, but this time I wanted to use specific parts from the chicken Clear the flash from the bone. In the cooking process, it is going nicely uncover bone Start cooking chicken on a hot pan in olive oil Season with salt and pepper Add to the oil rosemary and garlic cloves Chicken has cooked well, put it in the oven First put only legs, because they will need to cook around 25 min, but breasts need to cook for around 10 min 15 min has pasts, I will add pearl chicken breasts As a side dish, I will make glazed root vegetables What I have here I will use celery root, carrot, swede, artichoke, and kohlrabi Chop vegetables in equal cubes Blanch vegetables in saltwater It will take about 2 min Add broccoli to the vegetables I have chopped it in small pieces In the meantime, I will make a glaze For the glaze, you will need sugar Pour white wine White wine has almost evaporated, add butter Stir non-stop until the butter has melted Add a pinch of salt Vegetables are ready, stir them in the glaze In the meantime, I will make a glaze for the pearl chicken. I will make orange sauce, in base of Demi-Glace First melt sugar on pan When the sugar has melted, add red wine Now I will make fillets from orange, basically, it means that I am going to peel the orange Squeeze the juice out from what’s left from orange Add orange peel to the red wine Now I am going to make Demi-Glace sauce Add orange fillets Stir them in The sauce is ready Chicken is ready, let’s take it out Pearl chicken with glazed root vegetables is ready Bon appétit 1 Pearl chicken
Salt, pepper
Garlic, rosemary
25 g celery root
25 g kohlrabi
25 g artichoke
25 g carrot
25 g broccoli
25 g swede 5 g sugar
40 ml white wine
20 g butter
50 ml red wine
1 orange
70 ml Demi-Glace sauce

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